Jayce Ran RPG System

Social Rules

Social Rules

Social rules apply when characters are interacting in a hostile conversation or situation. Under normal social interactions it is not needed but when dealing in a situation with someone or a group where hostility or rather a deal is needed it is. When a scene occurs where multiple characters are interacting in communications or social challenges and require an orderly flow to make determinations. Social Action is broken down into Rounds and Phases in order to make the events happening more understandable to all players and the storyteller.

Time During Social Encounters

The passage of time is not set during social encounters. Instead it is determined by the encounter itself. The Storyteller will determine how long the interact takes. Some interacts may take longer than a day, others may take only minutes and be played out live.

Flow Of Social Actions

Round Begins

Start Phase

Question Phase

Declaration Phase

Initiative Phase

Reaction Phase

Counter Phase

Cleanup Phase

Round Narrative Summary

Round Ends

Start Phase: A general description of the scene is given to all participants in the situation to give a general idea of how things are.

Question Phase: This is when player characters can ask questions to clarify the event about to play out.

Declaration Phase: Characters declare their actions for the round at this time. A character can choose not to declare at this time but instead wait to take actions later. There are three main types of actions a character can choose to perform. Primary Actions and Sub Actions.

Primary Actions

Verbal Actions, Non Verbal Actions, Alternate Actions, Unique Actions, and Actions that are determined by the Storyteller that do not fit into the normal categories.

Sub Actions

Using Talents [Sub Action Talents], Changing Pose, Using Items, Unique Actions [Joking, Comments, Concealment], Actions that are determined by the Storyteller that do not fit into the normal categories.

Initiative Phase: During this phase, the Storyteller will consider all actions and give a brief summary of the situation for each character. At this time all declared actions will begin their initiative.

Reaction Phase: During this phase characters who either used a sub-action or waited will be able to declare a new set of actions in response to what had just occurred. A character can choose to wait again if they wish.

Counter Phase: If any character waiting in both the Initiative Phase or Reaction Phase they can make an action at this time. If any characters only made a sub action they can make an action during this phase as well. Any character who has made a primary action can perform a sub action at this time.

Cleanup Phase: All other actions are calculated at this time. In addition to all declared actions this is when abnormal states will be delivered or be recovered. In some circumstances special events may also be declared by the Storyteller.

Round Narrative Summary: The round is given narrative summary of all actions and events that occurred at this time. If there are still enemies or events to be resolved at this time the Narrative Summary will be treated as the star phase for a new round.

Communications Rules

(Working on this.)

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