Ecclesial Studies

Ecclesial Studies

Bible Studies

The bible is a wonderful book deeply connected to western culture. It is the story of everything. In my studies I wish to dissect the bible intimately and show that there is far more to the text than what meets the eye. It can be a difficult book to get a hand on especially considering the ages of cultural separation between the modern era and the past ages. I don’t want to tell you what the bible is all about, I want to inspire you to seek the treasures of the word for yourself. It is with that sentiment I write these studies.


Apologetics are the reasoned arguments as to why one believes what they believe. This is a collection of my essays pertaining to my defense of Christian heritage and why I believe that God is the Lord of all things.

Christian Living

Sometimes the Bible and it’s topics can seem so far away from our modern life style. Here is a series of essays looking into what it really means to live life as a Christian in such a secular world. Obviously these are my opinions on the matter in itself and are not “gospel” though I do try and temper my arguments from the word.

Spiritual Warfare

Like it or not, you are in a war between what is good and evil. These essays discuss the realities of our spiritual battle and how it affects the world around us. The only real question is what do we do to combat against said evils? Here I will discuss my own personal beliefs on the subject.


The great commission is what every Christian should be living for. It is the share the news of the coming kingdom and most importantly do it effectively. Our outreach must be skilled and our technique needs to be perfected. In here I will discuss these topics and give my two cents on my own techniques.