I plan to be caught up by Wednesday or Thursday

I apologize that I have not kept up with the Bible Studies for Luke. I will be working overtime to ensure that I am caught up by the middle of the week. My father is up here visiting from Florida and he takes priority over my ministry. While I preach the word of God, he also calls us to honor our father and mother. Please, never loose sight of your family in whatever you are doing.

I will also be reworking the Ecclesiology section of my page to reflect a more organized network. Each book will have its own section and chapter buttons as well directly bringing you to the chapter as well as buttons inside the chapters just like my books to progress in a fluid way.

Once again thank you for your patience. This is all a work in progress.


Does What It Does!

So the other day I tried reading one of my own stories on my website. It was terrible! Reading a blog post on normal blog post format is ok. However, when you are spending 10 to 20 minutes reading a chapter that junk get annoying. You know the junk I am talking about. The side bars, with all the categories and links to everything else, constantly breaking that third wall. You are… ON A WEBSITE! No damn it! I want to be reading a freaking book.

So, I decided to go old school website. You got text and that is it! A few flourishes here and there but mainly you are just reading my novels here now. Sure on the side there is a spot to follow and navigate and sure I will take a hit to extended sessions, BUT! I feel like this is far more enjoyable.

If you agree let me know. If you don’t, well, your probably a very disagreeable person and I love you anyway, just not as much anymore. In fact I disapprove of that opinion. So you have earned my disapproval. Shame, I thought you were better than that. If you are still reading this you have issues. Or you find me funny. In which case, I approve of you. See how easy that was. You got my approval so easily. Once the algorithm realizes I am literally typing more words to make this post show up higher on some digital robots list it will be upset. However, robots don’t understand random context like this. So I am safe for a few years and by then this news will not matter anyway. This is a very serious … website! Not blog… blogs are boring logs.

So yeah the website is all updated and it looks different.


Finished My Outline On Schedule

I finished the outline on schedule. I am going to be spending this first week of April designing the chapter breaks and putting a little more touch ups on it but sometime in April is when the first chapters for An End To All You Know will start trickling out. My goal is to finish this one by the end of June or sooner. So yeah.

My estimation of chapters is 26 with a prologue also. I expect it to be another book in the ranges of 80,000 to 90,000 similar in length to Blue Ash Crisis. I hope you all find this story as interesting as I do. Its a little much to stomach at times, but I think I toned some of its themes down enough that it wont be too bad. Then again… I may want to go full throttle with this nightmare.

I don’t know I played Agony Unrated recently some and I found it a little too much. It is definitely playing a game in hell but… yeah it stuck with me. In all the wrong ways too. It bothered me. So I don’t want my book to mentally disturb my readers.

Enough rambling though. That is what is up.


Update 12/01/2018

Thank you for everyone who has been here for the years and years I been doing this.  As you can see my site has been reborn so this news post is more about the future rather than anything happening right now.

This blog will be updated regularly about random stuff.  However what is new is going to be me posting my writing frequently.  Blue Ash Crisis will be available free to download or free to read right here.

My next project An End To All You Know is going to be released here as well.  However it will be some time before you will see anything from that.  However in the meantime I am going to be releasing short stories every now and then along with writing tips and journal posts and my sketches and that kind of thing.

So if you think you will enjoy that sort of thing feel free to give me a favorite and follow me if you got a wordpress account yourself.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Have an awesome today.