So the other day I tried reading one of my own stories on my website. It was terrible! Reading a blog post on normal blog post format is ok. However, when you are spending 10 to 20 minutes reading a chapter that junk get annoying. You know the junk I am talking about. The side […]

I finished the outline on schedule. I am going to be spending this first week of April designing the chapter breaks and putting a little more touch ups on it but sometime in April is when the first chapters for An End To All You Know will start trickling out. My goal is to finish […]


Blue Ash Crisis should be several uploads in by now.  However, I ran into a bump with my second chapter.  I had lost the edits I had done and was left with the rough script for it.  I had to completely rewrite this chapter along with edit and type set everything. So I had a […]

Tomorrow will be the beginning date of my release of Blue Ash Crisis.  I decided that I am going to be releasing each chapter as I type set them.  So tomorrow most likely will be just the prologue but the next day should bring Chapter 1 and so on and so forth.  These are not […]

Thank you for everyone who has been here for the years and years I been doing this. As you can see my site has been reborn so this news post is more about the future rather than anything happening right now.