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Matthew 5:13-48

Hello, I’m back. Its been a while I know. To recap we just went over the beatitudes. These are things we should exhibit in our own lives. Best if we try and pick ourselves back up when we fail. The goal is perfection through Christ, not above Christ. We can’t do it on our own, […]

Spacial Rules

Spacial Combat Rules There are four spacial fields that are considered for combat, ground, air, underwater, and Space. Common Rules In Spacial Combat The Cube The first spacial combat rule to understand is the cube. Normally when ground fighting characters do not need to consider the height or depth of a character. However in spacial […]

Size Rules

Size Rules Size The size of a character is how the game represents the height of the character and somewhat the width. The size of a human character is 1. It is roughly 6ft or 2 yds. All human characters or man sized character will be considered Size 1. Everything is not perfect but it […]

Support Character System

Support Character System While main characters are generally what we think of there are also support characters. This can be a a horse, or it can be a power armor. However the goal of a support character is to compliment the main character. However there are specific rules in how support character interact with the […]

Abnormal Status

Abnormal Status At times a character will receive a abnormal status. These can be bad or these can be good. Resistance to abnormal statuses is a Talent. Abnormal status have 10 levels, when they compound on top of each other the level rises. The different types of status that can be applied are as follows. […]


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Fiction You’ll Cling To

Welcome to Sweet Insanity. So what is this place? In short it is a collection of work from artist/writer Jayce Ran. Housed within the confines of this page are a multitude of stories, artwork, musings, and lessons on various subjects. This place serves as a repository of his works. Most things are sorted based on subject matter, style, and story saga. You are cordially invited to browse through the many pages of work archived. I hope you enjoy your time here.

Featured Work


Apricot Signa, a student journalist, finds herself stuck in a harrowing nightmare with no escape when she stumbles upon a creature from another world.  Unable to speak out for fear of being called insane, Apricot must face the horrors of an unseen world intent on devouring her own world; alone.

Current Work In Progress


The world has reached its conclusion. All is dead and nothing further can die. In these times men plead for death and death has vanished from them. Mindless deprived individuals who wander for naught. The result of selfish lords who judged themselves to be gods and postured as such. Divinity stripped of them and now driven to creep bare in their massacre. The world has reached its demise.  All is lost and nothing further can end.



This is the meat and potatoes of this page. Writing is a very special hobby for me. It is how I keep my sanity. My stories generally are gritty dark fictions. However, there are still times when I like to write other subjects and genres as well.


Basically everything that is personal or just random ramblings will be in the sections found here. Non-fiction is generally what bloggers do. So if I have blog might as well have a blog. So here is that blog junk.

Ecclesial Studies

You may or may not have guessed it but I am a Christian. I find myself spending a great majority of my free time meditating on these subjects. I believe through Christian ideals we can change the world, even secular people can learn a thing or two from the moral traditions of Christianity. It is profoundly based upon the love of God for us so we outwardly love others.

Jayce Ran Role Playing System

For right now this is a place holder but I am working on a full fledged Role Playing Game system designed for Table Top play. I have some series that could really do well to have a Role Playing game attached to them. Currently I am designing the system open ended but plan to make versions for Lyorta and The Dark Saga. Who knows though this may work, it may not.


I have been known to work with others on various projects. I tend to prefer to take minor roles when helping others. All the major collaborations have their own button. The more minor roles are in the miscellaneous section.