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I’m excited to welcome you to Sweet Insanity. What is this place? Basically, it’s a collection of work by artist and writer Jayce Ran. A variety of stories, artwork, musings, and lessons on various subjects can be found within the confines of this page. There is a great deal of stuff sorted based on subject matter, style, and story arc. We cordially invite you to peruse the many pages of archived work. Have fun browsing!  

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  • An End To All You Know: Chapter 6
    Table Of Contents Chapter 6 Mr. King Lazy Bones While crawling through the vent, I heard the creatures screaming behind me. Like a worm, I made my way through the open system with bated breath. There was something frightening about that place. Against the wall of the duct, I grimaced […]
  • An End To All You Know: Chapter 5
    Table Of Contents Chapter 5 A World Apart Throngs of pulpy red blood rise from my boots. There is something unique about the ground here. It lay awake, flayed open, a body in pain. A vast expanse that stretched as far as the eye could see. Like blades of grass, […]
  • An End To All You Know: Chapter 4
    Table Of Contents Chapter 4 The Hand That Grasps Suddenly, I felt a palm touching my wrists as I awoke from my sleep. A wail of terror erupted from my timbrels. A quick hand covered my cry as I gazed up at Vanity’s tense face that suggested trouble. Her iron […]
  • An End To All You Know: Chapter 3
    Table Of Contents Chapter 3 Amiss A sense of timelessness had settled over the hospital’s halls. Corridors that used to be crowded now appeared like hollow arteries; formerly walked places. The facility was strange to say the least. Medical laboratory and small town are part of the same picture. Rooms […]
  • An End To All You Know: Chapter 1
    Table Of Contents Chapter 1 Rebirth Darkness; deep, deep slumber. Sound, and sound again. “I am seeing stimulation in the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus. It appears that she is waking up again. It is time to administer more sedatives.” There was a sharp pain, a heavy feeling, and darkness again. An […]
  • Lyorta: The Saga Of Retribution: Prologue II
    PROLOGUE II “This insanity has got to stop!” King Grandor shouted from the dark chamber. An apparition appeared from across the sanctuary amid the temple’s pillars and ornations wearing a flowing dress dripping blood. The woman was surrounded by ten servants, dressed in leather with billhooks and long knives, pointing […]


A world soars in the skies above an endless sea below in this tale of the end of an era. This is the story of an empire that once ruled the world, watching the glory it once held erode. A legend of slavery and deliverance, persecution and help, collapse and determination.  

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We have come to the end of the world. Everything has died and nothing can die further. There is no death these days because men plead for it, but death has vanished from their lives. Blind-deprived individuals wander aimlessly. This was the result of selfish lords who thought of themselves as gods and assumed the role. As their divinity was stripped away, they now lie naked in their massacre. A world in the throes of extinction has been reached. Neither the past nor the future can change anything.

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