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I’m excited to welcome you to Sweet Insanity. What is this place? Basically, it’s a collection of work by artist and writer Jayce Ran. A variety of stories, artwork, musings, and lessons on various subjects can be found within the confines of this page. There is a great deal of stuff sorted based on subject matter, style, and story arc. We cordially invite you to peruse the many pages of archived work. Have fun browsing!  

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  • Some Thoughts On Comic Art
    My dear comic artists! I’m concerned about the current quality and pace of comics production. Back in the 70s, two pages a day was the industry standard. The trend seems to be shifting, though. Even though the demands and intricacies of the craft have evolved over time, it’s disheartening to […]
  • The Harvest Of Despair
    Isaac McCray, a celebrated Victorian-era investigator, possessed a reputation that echoed through the narrow, cobblestone corridors of his quaint hamlet. His name lingered in the hazy corners of smoke-filled taverns, whispered in reverent tones. The complex tapestry of mysteries he’d unravelled with his sharp intellect was the stuff of legends. […]
  • The Accursed Portrait
    The path Charles traversed daily, past the weary antiquarian’s dwelling, was as predictable as the sunrise. One dreary afternoon, an ancient oil canvas ensnared his gaze. A woman of bygone centuries, her beauty a timeless enigma. Her eyes, seductive yet disturbing, beckoned him. Compelled, he procured the portrait, hanging it […]
  • An End To All You Know: Chapter 9
    Table Of Contents Chapter 9 Nomads I couldn’t see two feet in front of me as I wrestled against the roar that had suddenly appeared out of thin air. The gale was whistling so hard that my face felt like sandpaper. The ferocity of the storm clung to me as […]
  • An End To All You Know: Chapter 8
    Table Of Contents Chapter 8 The Smell Of Fear Wherever she was taking me, it was going to be a long journey. All I knew was that I could be led to the slaughter, but why should I be lulled into a false sense of security if that is what […]
  • An End To All You Know: Chapter 7
    Table Of Contents Chapter 7 Amalgam Dance macabre, flesh and bones, lay silent as I have. Despite being dead to the world, she was alive, sleeping in peace. Here, in this gap, I hide from this misery, for there is no shelter from such indignity. It is only in my […]

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