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Personal Journals

Want to know a little too much about me? Well, check these out. Most of these posts are really just me rambling. However, they may be interesting to someone out there so here you go. Might as well have a look, right?


Similar to my journals these are rather more about my thoughts about certain subjects. These range from political commentary to social thoughts to more spiritual ideals. Generally anything in this section is just my ideals on things and how I personally see issues.


Sometimes I have strong opinions about products and media. When I really like something or I really don’t I will let you know about it. If you see a review on here these are my honest opinions on products. So if your a company seeking a positive review you better make sure your product is deserving of it. If not, I may not be guy you want to be reviewing your product.


One of my hobbies is cooking and baking. I am not the greatest but I do like experimenting. When I make something special I like to share how I did it and how you can make it too. This section is just that. A collection of my personal recipes.

Writing Tips

What writer does not give out writing tips? Need I explain more?