Spacial Combat Rules There are four spacial fields that are considered for combat, ground, air, underwater, and Space. Common Rules In Spacial Combat The Cube The first spacial combat rule to understand is the cube. Normally when ground fighting characters do not need to consider the height or depth of a character. However in spacial […]

Size Rules Size The size of a character is how the game represents the height of the character and somewhat the width. The size of a human character is 1. It is roughly 6ft or 2 yds. All human characters or man sized character will be considered Size 1. Everything is not perfect but it […]

Support Character System While main characters are generally what we think of there are also support characters. This can be a a horse, or it can be a power armor. However the goal of a support character is to compliment the main character. However there are specific rules in how support character interact with the […]

Abnormal Status At times a character will receive a abnormal status. These can be bad or these can be good. Resistance to abnormal statuses is a Talent. Abnormal status have 10 levels, when they compound on top of each other the level rises. The different types of status that can be applied are as follows. […]

Encounter Rules In tight spaces, confined areas, twisting undercities, back alleys, inside ships, dense jungles or forests, rules that vision come into play. The area may become a battlefield at any moment or perhaps it already is. This is when we have special rules called Encounter rules. When applying these special rules characters will search […]

Action/Combat Rules Action/Combat rules apply when a scene occurs when multiple characters are interacting in fighting or challenging circumstances and require an orderly flow to make determinations. Action/Combat is broken down into Rounds and Phases in order to make the events happening more understandable to all players and the storyteller. The units of Action/Combat are […]

Social Rules Social rules apply when characters are interacting in a hostile conversation or situation. Under normal social interactions it is not needed but when dealing in a situation with someone or a group where hostility or rather a deal is needed it is. When a scene occurs where multiple characters are interacting in communications […]

Skills And Talents Skills and Talent are the special abilities a character has at their disposal. This makes up the characters more intimate side and the personality of a character as well. Depending on how you choose to build your character will determine how they interact with the world. Skills can be leveled up to […]

Life And Death Vitality Unlike most RPG systems, this one does not use a standardized form of Hit Points. Instead damage is applied through wounds. Wounds When a wound is applied to a character, the first thing you need to determine is the severity of the injury. The table for injuries is as follows. Level […]

Event System Determination Of Events Events are generally actions done by characters that will effect the story of the game. When such events occur a review of the character’s abilities involved in the event are looked at along side of the challenge of the event occurring. When determining the result of an event several factors […]