Jayce Ran RPG System

Abnormal Status

Abnormal Status

At times a character will receive a abnormal status. These can be bad or these can be good. Resistance to abnormal statuses is a Talent. Abnormal status have 10 levels, when they compound on top of each other the level rises. The different types of status that can be applied are as follows.

Action Can Not: Paralysis/full restraint/sleep/freezing, etc. (Character cannot perform actions.)

Behavioral Inhibition: Blind/Bad Oder/Noise/Paralysis/Partial Restraint ect. (Suffer a penalty for your attack rolls)

Can Not Move: Leg restraint/ Slip etc. (Move actions can not be performed.)

Actions Operation: Fascinated/Spirit/Dominated etc. (The character cannot control itself but rather does actions in accordance to another will.)

Action Confusion: Confusion/Spirit/Pollusion etc. (All actions will be different then what you think you are doing.)

Continued Damage: Curse/Poison/Fire/Bleeding (The character will constantly receive damage.)

Item Cursed: Curse (You cannot unequip an item.)

State Granted: Water adaptation/ flight etc. (Temporarily impart a talent on a character.)

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