Jayce Ran RPG System

Support Character System

Support Character System

While main characters are generally what we think of there are also support characters. This can be a a horse, or it can be a power armor. However the goal of a support character is to compliment the main character. However there are specific rules in how support character interact with the world.

Support Character Types

There are three types of support characters. Below is a description of them.

Mount Support Characters

Mount characters are just as they sound, they are a creature you ride. This can be a horse or a dragon or whatever. They can act autonomously.

Boarding Support Characters

Boarding Support Characters are like a power armor or mech. It might be strange to refer to an inanimate object as a character but for all intensive purposes it is treated like one. They can be boarded and road just like a riding character but they are not autonomous.

Autonomous Support Characters

This is a robot, Drone, or Golem, it can act separately from the character. A character can give the Autonomous Support Character instructions and it will carry them out.

Support Characters Behavior

Support characters act like NPCs. They can act on their own and will generally be helpful in most situations. However, at times a character will want their support character to do something specific. This will be determined by rolling a 1D100 and the Storyteller will select a difficulty for that. If the roll beats it they will perform the action(s). Depending on the intelligence of the character they will receive a bonus. Below is a chart of the different intelligence levels.

Support Character Intelligence

Level 0: There is no intelligence in itself. (Machine)

Level 1: Little intelligence. (Insects)

Level 2: Some intelligence. (Animals)

Level 3: Good intelligence. (Monster)

Level 4: High amount of intelligence (Human)

Level 5: Amazing amount of intelligence (Artificial Intelligence)

This does not mean the support character can speak.

Mount Support Character

Characters can ride a mount a mount support character by spending a sub-action on the main character. The same for getting off of one. The support character does not spend a sub-action. Both the support and the main character can’t attack. They must attack separately under normal circumstances. Characters attacking a mounted character must be of larger size then the mount. If they are not they must first attack the mount support character.

Boarding Support Character

Character can board a boarding support character by spending a main action on the main character. The same for getting out of one. The support character does not spend a sub-action. While inside the boarding support character all actions are done by the boarding support character. When attacking a boarding support character all damage is dealt to the boarding support character.

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