Jayce Ran RPG System

Life And Death

Life And Death


Unlike most RPG systems, this one does not use a standardized form of Hit Points. Instead damage is applied through wounds.


When a wound is applied to a character, the first thing you need to determine is the severity of the injury. The table for injuries is as follows.

Level 1 (Superficial Wound): The damage is only visible and causes no impact.

Level 2 (Wound): The damage is only slight. -2 to all actions.

Level 3 (Serious Wound): The damage is is severe and needs treatment. -4 to all actions.

Level 4 (Critical Wound): The damage is life threatening; needs treatments immediately. -6 to all actions.

Level 5 (Mortal Wound): The body part is unusable.

Severed: The limb has been completely removed from the body.

Critical Status

When a character has more than one mortal wound they enter Critical Status. While under Critical Status a character must roll 1D20. If the result is below 2 they cannot act.

Deadly Wound

When a mortal wound is applied to a vital body part, (head or body), the character cannot participate in combat. (There are some characters who have special rules concerning Deadly Wounds.)

Dying: Death Or Resurrection

When a character has a deadly wound there is a number of outcomes for the character after battle. 1D20 will be rolled to check the determination. The results can be as follows.

18 to 20: Resurrection: The dying status is removed. All wounds are downgraded to Level 3.

14 to 17: Miraculously Survived: The character is has dying removed from their status. All wounds are downgraded to Level 4.

10 to 14: Stabilized: The character has dying removed from their status.

5 to 10: Critical Condition: The character is still dying and needs treatment immediately.

1 to 4: Death: the hero was killed in battle.

Dead Characters

Dead characters are not necessarily dead forever. By special means some characters may be able to be resurrected from the dead. Even still characters may also return from the dead as undead by their own means or other means. Darker still are those who return from death in their new spectral form as a ghost. These methods are always covered under special rules, specifically designed for certain campaigns and may not always be available.

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