Jayce Ran RPG System

Encounter Rules

Encounter Rules

In tight spaces, confined areas, twisting undercities, back alleys, inside ships, dense jungles or forests, rules that vision come into play. The area may become a battlefield at any moment or perhaps it already is. This is when we have special rules called Encounter rules. When applying these special rules characters will search the area and may find enemy characters.

Searching The Area

When you are venturing around the area you have several ways to do it. Depending on the area will decided in what way you encounter enemies.

Rush: You are quickly moving through the area, most often this is used when you don’t want to be in an area or you are trying to come upon a visible enemy for a surprise attack. If you encounter an enemy you will be immediately placed into battle while moving, if you are combat ready you can begin fighting. The characters who came upon the group, will roll a 1D20 and the Storyteller will pick a difficulty. If you defeat the difficulty you enter into a surprise attack.

Carefully: You are carefully searching the area trying not to make a sound. You are stealthy about your approach. If you spot a group of enemies you can choose to attack or not attack. If you attack it is a surprise attack. Movement is half.

Waiting: You are not moving but rather decided to wait.

Surprise Encounter

When you are searching and multiple characters are searching and find multiple characters at once they are all surprised when this happens at the same time. All of the characters take a round to react.

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