I know this is a long video. It is roughly about 45 minutes in length. However, I figured this is a good way to display my political views and let you all get to see a bit of my personality. Discussing politics in text often loses the emotional connection of the words. You can easily demonize or uplift someones words without inflection.

This is my best attempt to be open and honest. If you disagree with me that is great. We live in a wonderful country that allows that. It is what makes us stronger as people to have rigorous and challenging debates against our views. To me this is the best way to hone our minds by increasing resistance. Granted I don’t believe my views are all that controversial socially though I am certain some people will take great disagreement with me. I am alright with that. Well anyways, if you read all this most likely you will enjoy the video as well.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you enjoy the video.

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