The Tablet Of The Shadows Of Light

Such a wicked little adventure I am about to commit. Here upon this tablet I shall scribe what I appreciate of works kept undiscovered to you mortals. If you have found this I have permitted you a forbidden secret, one which I propose it best not to read. However, you won’t refuse, you can’t and I know this of you pure hearted, curious mortals. If only you could look at the grin spread cross my lips as I slice into the grain with my nail.

In the beginning, there was merely “The Dreamer.” In her solitary state she sailed upon the emptiness of herself. That was until she called forth “The Twins”; “The Fathomer” who carried the will of “The Dreamer” and “The Creator” who composed “The Celestia”.

“The Dreamer” was charmed with the produce of their efforts and pronounced “The Twins” should be given the praise of furnishing “The Celestia”. And so “The Twins” created symbols for themselves to collaborate and operate within “The Celestia”. “The Fathomer” was made known as “The Healer” for her charge was to redress matters that diverged from her design, and “The Creator” conducted himself as “The Breaker” for his levy was to eradicate anything unforeseen. “The Healer” prevailed over life and “The Breaker”, death.

For an eternity, they served without tiring making the intention of “the Dreamer” realized. The formation was occupied by “The Twins” and their slaves. They devised new entities called the Caeles. They accounted to 135, and 135 was the totality of their number, each one providing a specific rank and purpose ensuring the creation maintained to the grander purpose. We filled “The Vastness” and with the compensation of “The Creator” we made provinces of our own.

Using the united forces of “The Twins”, “The Dreamer” gushed out spirits of her own design into the creation. We Caeles quickly endeavored to gratify “The Dreamer” molding bodies for each kind of spirit. Soon they had supplied the realm with life and flesh and when we concluded “The Dreamer” called forth one last creation. She blended the rights of “The Fathomer”, “The Creator”, “The Healer”, and “The Breaker”, and her own spirit to set up something not like the rest of creation. “The Dreamer” formed a strange collection, and that was you, humanity. With her powerful declaration she sang out her fondness for mankind. She handed over to man the benefits of intelligence, which is sealed in water, passion, which is sealed in fire, sympathy, which is sealed in air, knowledge, which is sealed in nature, and affection which is sealed in your spirit. She charged us Caeles to revere and admire her most cherished work.

As I saw man, I became disenchanted with “The Dreamer’s” concept. Such weak simpletons you humans turned out to be. Given all the privileges of rule and ultimately so inattentive to what they enjoyed. I observed, and I looked upon the true shadow of men, all things you retched beings lack. I was not alone among the Caeles, there was seven of us in total who received charge to uplift you mortals. So we did. We moved among men and instructed them of the proper qualities of not merely the Caeles but what is burried within. Not long after man became like us Caeles. They could cross the stars and retire into high worlds like us. This did not sit easily with my siblings. They were drawn to intimidation by men. So they assembled together with their servants making war to deliver humanity back to their territory.

From “The Vastness” I rejoiced in watching my 72 siblings battle against you worthless souls. If not for the preservation of “The Breaker” man would have been lost. The battle tore existence into fragments.

“The Dreamer” sobbed out proclaiming the dream to have been spoiled. I have never known such satisfaction. The destroyed creation was withdrawn and the evil Caeles who conducted war with men remained. As we established a contemporary creation, the former creation was from that time established as the underworld, as the new creation was formed above the old one. The Caeles who prevailed below became referred to as the Devils.

The remaining Caeles about hated the Devils for what they did. If only they realized it was I who arranged such a magnificent proposal. After examining the functions of “The Breaker” they fled before “The Dreamer”. They shrieked out “Please spare us from that monster. For us, all will undoubtedly perish if we live among it.” Regarding the panic induced by “The Breaker,” she cast him into the underworld and he would linger as ruler and granted absolute authority of the underworld.

Sadly, my effort was not realized. The remaining Caeles rebuilt the new world and carried out with the company of man. Until an unusual order was paid to us. “The Dreamer” declared “Let yourselves no longer be perceived by man and do not wander among man.” So with this direction we gave up the new world and remained in Celestia.

Instead, we concentrated our time studying the realm below. That is when one of my beloved noticed something unique in man. A power which none of us had noticed before. A power like that of “The Dreamer’s”. So the seven of us once again reunited. We had become fascinated by you. We devised a strange strategy to apply their capabilities for our own mechanisms. Adhering to “The Dreamer’s” rule we constructed for ourselves servants to work with men and develop them in the divine arts again. Man proved profitable and replicated the ancient crafts again, and the world was like that of the Caeles. We seven, again delivered our helpers to erect towers to reign over men and guaranteed they would never reach numbers that could challenge our sovereignty over them. In this, we most transcendent of the Caeles would dominate the province of men.

In turn our servants returned with our new device concocted by the hands of men. A most unique medium with a talent to apprehend. We seven went to “The Fathomer” and with our soul device corrupted her under our spells. With “The Fathomer’s” lunacy “The Creator” made wicked works. “The Dreamer” called forth “the Healer” to sustain the creation, but our ruination had been accomplished. In the place between what was and was not us seven gathered outside of “The Dreamer’s” formation. The management of all things became precarious and “The Dreamer” lost her capability to govern. Witnessing this the remaining Caeles did not know what to do. They faulted the devils for our glorious result and humanity for the device they had formed.

The 56 Caeles of “The Celestia” bore through the world of men into the underworld making war with the orders of darkness. Humanity watched in astonishment and claimed among each other “These are unquestionably the gods.” You human fools worshiped the Caeles as gods and quickly their true call was forgotten. The devils below rose from the underworld alongside “The Breaker” and made war with the gods of Celestia. For ages the entertainment did not resolve. They struggled with each other until “The Healer” interfered. She soothed his excitement and persuaded “The Breaker” to have charity and yield to the underworld.

The province of man forever became established as Vatali. The residence of the gods was called Celestia, and the home of the Devils was called the underworld. We seven watched and beamed with delight at witnessing the foundation of our task achieved and now the creation was ours to lead and sculpt to our will with no Dreamer to interrupt us.

With this I cast this tablet from the heavens into the world below. So may it twist your mind to learn, you will never leave my will.

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