Today, I was sitting down to focus on finalizing Chapter 5 of Blue Ash Crisis when a thought entered my mind. I found this thought to be of more importance than Blue Ash, so for today, I am going to be writing this post.

So I was thinking about the concept of eternity. I had watched a Youtube video earlier discussing the topic. I started thinking about the concept of being immortal. Every Christian when you come down to it, believes they are immortal. We will never die. Our flesh bodies may be lost but our spirit and souls shall live on forever.

The idea of a billion years of existence came to mind. Most likely it would be after some time spent with friends or even the Lord himself, but a thought might come to mind. The words wrung in my head. “It has just begun.” Now these words were borrowed from the video the person speaking made this exact point and it resonated with me.

Where will you be a billion years from now? Will you be crying out with joy as you discover the endlessness of eternity in a new heaven and new earth? Or, will you be screaming agony realizing the destroyed world you inhabit is your eternal abode?

I don’t like scare tactics. I can’t stand Christians who try to convert others like that. However, for some reason I feel compelled to write this. I don’t know who it is for, or even if it is for anyone at all other than myself. However, I just wanted to share that with whoever reads this.

If you love God, you will outwardly love others. You cannot love God with all your heart and hate other people. You will find yourself compelled to love the people you would normally despise. It is a strange ideal. Love God.

Forgiveness of sins is a very powerful concept. The idea our sins can be forgiven and the idea of repenting of them. It brings out an inner peace in other ways. People sin constantly. People mistreat you, they may hurt you. However, if you expect forgiveness for your sins you should forgive their sins as well. You also realize it’s hard. It’s very hard to forgive someone. Then you try to sin less. You don’t want to put anyone through the suffering of forgiving your own actions.

It’s all about love. I know, I might not seem like that kind of person, I am. We as Christians are told to be like Christ. We know Christ died for our sins. He was blameless. More so we should do all in our power to help others. We all fall short of that. Not one of us can claim ownership of righteousness. We can try though.

Love God, and where will you be in a billion years. That’s all I have for you today.

One thought on “An Interesting Thought

  1. Wow! Very interesting thought. It’s hard to wrap our minds around that question. But you are absolutely right. Love and forgiveness goes hand in hand.


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