Today was definitely a productive day.  Maybe even more so before the night is through.  I am vigorously encouraged by the number of viewers and readers I have received the last few days across my platforms.  Tomorrow I begin releasing completed Blue Ash Crisis Chapters which is fun.  Can’t wait to see how my friends react to them and some outside voices are welcomed too.

I am listening to an old album from the 90s, a bunch of J-Rock bands covered Yu Yu Hakusho’s soundtrack mostly their opening and ending songs.  I dunno why but I like that kind of music for some reason.  Most likely its some form of nostalgia from my yesteryears.  I like that anime… anyways, I am debating on finishing up editing on those unpublished Lyorta chapters at the same time.  I of course am going to prioritize Blue Ash Crisis right now and outline “An End To All You Know”

It’s in these moments I actually miss Windows XP, why because Windows XP just felt different.  That was back in the days when Shining Force Central actually had new stuff on it and the Dreamcast was fun during the cool winter days.  I spent many hours playing Time Stalkers the game no one else liked and getting into arguments with Moogie about how it IS A SHINING FORCE GAME!  Pyra is in it.  So it has to be considered it regardless of the universes having nothing to do with each other.  Enough rambling though.

For fun tonight I play some Monster Hunter before I dig back into my works.  Not sure.  I think this is enough rambling though.  Now you know the thoughts in my mind and I have archived them to read back at some later time and laugh at how silly I am.

Oh and I had a peppermint shake tonight that was just glorious and worth the cheat on my OMAD diet.

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