Thank you for everyone who has been here for the years and years I been doing this.  As you can see my site has been reborn so this news post is more about the future rather than anything happening right now.

This blog will be updated regularly about random stuff.  However what is new is going to be me posting my writing frequently.  Blue Ash Crisis will be available free to download or free to read right here.

My next project An End To All You Know is going to be released here as well.  However it will be some time before you will see anything from that.  However in the meantime I am going to be releasing short stories every now and then along with writing tips and journal posts and my sketches and that kind of thing.

So if you think you will enjoy that sort of thing feel free to give me a favorite and follow me if you got a wordpress account yourself.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Have an awesome today.

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