I finished the outline on schedule. I am going to be spending this first week of April designing the chapter breaks and putting a little more touch ups on it but sometime in April is when the first chapters for An End To All You Know will start trickling out. My goal is to finish this one by the end of June or sooner. So yeah.

My estimation of chapters is 26 with a prologue also. I expect it to be another book in the ranges of 80,000 to 90,000 similar in length to Blue Ash Crisis. I hope you all find this story as interesting as I do. Its a little much to stomach at times, but I think I toned some of its themes down enough that it wont be too bad. Then again… I may want to go full throttle with this nightmare.

I don’t know I played Agony Unrated recently some and I found it a little too much. It is definitely playing a game in hell but… yeah it stuck with me. In all the wrong ways too. It bothered me. So I don’t want my book to mentally disturb my readers.

Enough rambling though. That is what is up.

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