So the other day I tried reading one of my own stories on my website. It was terrible! Reading a blog post on normal blog post format is ok. However, when you are spending 10 to 20 minutes reading a chapter that junk get annoying. You know the junk I am talking about. The side bars, with all the categories and links to everything else, constantly breaking that third wall. You are… ON A WEBSITE! No damn it! I want to be reading a freaking book.

So, I decided to go old school website. You got text and that is it! A few flourishes here and there but mainly you are just reading my novels here now. Sure on the side there is a spot to follow and navigate and sure I will take a hit to extended sessions, BUT! I feel like this is far more enjoyable.

If you agree let me know. If you don’t, well, your probably a very disagreeable person and I love you anyway, just not as much anymore. In fact I disapprove of that opinion. So you have earned my disapproval. Shame, I thought you were better than that. If you are still reading this you have issues. Or you find me funny. In which case, I approve of you. See how easy that was. You got my approval so easily. Once the algorithm realizes I am literally typing more words to make this post show up higher on some digital robots list it will be upset. However, robots don’t understand random context like this. So I am safe for a few years and by then this news will not matter anyway. This is a very serious … website! Not blog… blogs are boring logs.

So yeah the website is all updated and it looks different.

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