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An End To All You Know: Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Mr. King Lazy Bones

While crawling through the vent, I heard the creatures screaming behind me. Like a worm, I made my way through the open system with bated breath. There was something frightening about that place. Against the wall of the duct, I grimaced and held my palms over my face as I retched.

Suddenly, everything fell silent. There was a tear that slipped from my cheek and hit the ground. I looked back at tens of thousands of faces; the ghost of pain was etched in their expressions. When the screaming started again, I couldn’t even hang on to my tears for a second. My only option was to flee from those horrors.

Despite the air conditioning vent being open, it was very dark inside. As time passed, however, the surface became fibrous. Taking a slide over the flesh of this alien floor, I feel my smooth muscle quiver.

Every step I take is accompanied by soggy half-dried blood adhering to my arms and legs. It tries greedily to stop me from venturing as if warning me, “Don’t venture this way,” but I refuse to heed its warnings. I can feel the harsh smell of iron and bile filling my lungs. In fact, the odor could be tasted on my tongue. The flesh vent eventually opens up to a place that seems to be inside some kind of body; maybe the best description is that it is similar to being inside a meat bag. Although the cave’s composition was rectangular, I had never seen an animal with a square body, so I felt this was incorrect.

Throughout the ceiling, blood pools gathered in spots before bursting through the tension and spilling to the ground. The moist floor became further saturated as streams of fluid splashed down. While in shock, I try to walk where no man should step, instead moving where devils are allowed to move. The abomination mesmerizes me as I wander through the halls of breathing tissue, mired in mystery.

Towards the distance, I could see something, a machine. As it turned out, it was working on something. The machine’s purpose was not entirely clear to me. Although it stood no higher than me, it didn’t look particularly welcoming either. One arm of the machine sliced at the floor, wounding the flesh. As the gash began to heal between slashes, the other three arms sparked, soldering whatever it was working on. Since I did not wish to run away from another thing, I decided it was best to leave through the passageway ahead.

My attention is instead drawn to another hall. There was a sign on this one, and I could read it.

“This way for the exit. Look out for Mr. King-Lazy-Bones…”

“Huh, that’s weird,” I said to no one in particular. As I glanced down the organ’s path, I noticed it was moving. I could see the shadows extending into a large room. Despite my reluctance, I felt compelled to go in that direction, although it wasn’t comfortable for me. With a heave, I braced myself for the events that followed down this passage. As soon as I entered the chamber, several doors led to dark passageways. It was in the midst of this room that a man with long arms, encircled by a grimy tethered coat, stood. Staring at the colossus, I cannot help but be amazed. Having turned toward me, its head revealed a malicious expression similar to that of a skull. The walls of this place were as blood-red as its head. An instance of a fleshy subway tunnel prompted me to imagine a heart chamber on the other side of the room. It was only the hulking thing between me and the channel that was the problem.

Taking a large stride, the creature let out a loud snort. Suddenly, the hellion shakes its jaws at me and turns its head in my direction. Keeping my mouth shut and feeling my bladder give way, I stayed silent. It was like a flood of warm urine flowing down my leg. The thing bends down like a ferocious demon seeking flesh, rendering me powerless. In that most terrifying of moments, there is no way to convey the dread I felt. I was bound and gagged, cemented in place. The closer it leaned, the louder it became.

Those glassy white eyes look straight at me while salivating jaws and chattering teeth rain slobber down onto the floor. While “Mr. King Lazy Bones” breathed rancid humid breath over me, I was surrounded by rotted beef and putrid sulfur; three inches were separating me from its face.

It wouldn’t take long for me to be bitten in half. Roaring with torment. Although I am not certain which half would be me. The silence stretched around me as I stood there gripping my palms in preparation for my death.

“Raaaaa!!!” The roar echoed through the large room. I watched the man turn his gaze in another direction, still held firmly by fear. “Raaaa!!!” The creature let out another shriek as it spun. Observing everything in sight, the creature stared in all directions. “Raaaaaaaaaaaa!” I proceeded to make another step. My tread caused the dried blood on my boot to rise. I heard the tethered flesh snap. The living thing returned to my side and gnashed his teeth with all the humor of a mad bull.

Although it did not daunt me this time, I suspected it was blind and couldn’t see me. A bottle had been molded into the ground, so I kneeled down and grabbed it. With ribbons of flesh snapping out of the bottle, the bottle ripped free. Upon rising to my feet, I could see the monster in front of me inches from my face. As soon as I smelled that horrible scent, I recoiled. A hole was visible where his nose should have been in the center of the face. Despite the fact that his eyes seemed strained, his facial tendons seemed to be grieved.

The form of its lumbering body overtook me as it rose. The fetid breath it exhaled was the worst part. There is no way that a sewer could ever do it justice. With the bottle in hand, I hurled it across the room. In a flash, the creature flew to where the bottle landed, enveloping the bottle in a black veil.

In its frenzied pursuit of the splintered bottle, it picked up the shattered glass. My view was blocked by the thing, which was standing upright and screaming red bloody murder. Taking small steps towards the exit, I slowly made my way out. At that point, the thing flung itself at the broken bottle in an effort to smash it to pieces. There were pieces all over the room after his blind rage was exposed. It caught my attention immediately. My mind filled with images of myself being torn limb from limb by bloody limb. I am horrified at this thing’s brutality. It smashes and crushes my lungs when they meet the open air. My departure would not be so gentle, and I certainly wouldn’t stay for the thing to pound me around. Trying to reach the gate as fast as my feet could carry me, I sprint.

My steps were quiet and small as the wicked thing continued its outburst. When I ran over the bloody floor, it popped and sputtered as if I was slipping on dough. When I noticed it had ended, I was standing at the gate. Instinctively, I twisted my head away from the view, unwilling to look. A deep, intense gaze pierced my abdomen. The head of the creature swiveled to match mine, and its eyes were filled with violence.

A stagnant gaze is directed towards me by its head as it lifts in an agitated fashion. My ears ring with a loud hiss as it keeps me in its horrible sight as if it could see me now. No moment passes without the gaze remaining unwavering.

As if it would never end, the deadlock stretched on and on. It was like looking into the trawling maw of a hound moments before it lunged. That’s exactly what it did. For a moment, I felt as if I had blacked out. I noticed that the metal and flesh appeared to be graduating in color as I ran down the hallway. A few moments later, I glanced back to see the creature getting closer and closer, getting ready to bite my head off.

Eventually, I reach the doorway, but the devil was close behind and stopped suddenly. It snarls at me as it looks up at me from the verge, before turning and entering the seclusion once again. “Oh my gosh. Holy shit,” I exclaimed, catching my breath. “That’s King-Lazy-Bone, right?”

It was evident that there was light in the ceiling when I glanced up. Tumors were still in the ground, and they were creeping up the hall, but the ceilings had concrete, which brought some normality to this bizarre place. A staircase awaited me as I strolled a little further. There was access to another part of the city from there. Upon seeing the old collapsed bridge, my sight is met with a wasteland, a road, and many ruined structures.

Once I got out of the tunnel, I decided it would be best to find a place to sleep. My walkout was interrupted by some mutant beings who didn’t seem interested in me or had not noticed me at all. My relief came from not having to contend with their chase in any case.

A narrow alleyway eventually caught my attention, and I decided to lie down there. In the shape of an L, it coiled up. This is the kind of place I could lie down for a while. As I hid in the covert little spot, I ensured no one was following me.

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