A hologram surrounds the room in blue light, an image of an ocean displays across the walls giving the illusion of depth. My fingers dig into the sand feeling each individual grain pass between my tips. “So this is all not real?” “Indeed.” Cody says with a hint of enthusiasm. “You are touching fragments of […]

Darkness, deep, deep slumber. Sound, sound again. “She is waking up again. I am seeing stimulation in the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus. We need to administer more sedatives.” A sting of pain, weight, darkness. Light, and a cold shiver. “Damn it, she is waking up again.” A man roars in a distant distance. “Administer another dose.” […]


Deep in a haze of darkness I breathe, in and out. My chest rising and lowering with each deliberate exhale. Into static the cool dark takes me. It is cold and my blood is slow. A dull buzzing rings in my suspended stasis as the tides of dark flow carrying me to unknown shores. Movement, […]

Please, my fingers, just let me keep my fingers.  It is an amazing plea to a cold unfeeling disease.  I never quiet thought about the prospects of losing a limb.  However now, I find myself tormented by the idea of what they are becoming.  They are less than limbs now and I think I want […]

I haven’t questioned my bones enough.  Laid bare where once flesh laid now stained red, dyed and clothed in a thin fabric of tethered tissue.  Though not quiet white, their cleanness peaks through this mess of decay.  Yet the little machines behind my eyes tell me, its still ok and in time I will get […]

The world has reached its conclusion. All is dead and nothing further can die. In these times men plead for death and death has vanished from them. Mindless deprived individuals who wander for naught. The result of selfish lords who judged themselves to be gods and postured as such. Divinity stripped of them and now driven […]