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Blue Ash Crisis: Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Tooth And Bone

A young blonde was held in the arms of two rough men as she screamed and struggled. A fine layer of dust still clung to the abandoned warehouse, which smelled of dried chemicals. As she kicked her heels against the cement floor, the men drag her body toward a shadowy figure. They knocked the wind out of her after being thrown to the ground. Slowly, she pressed her knees as her runny mascara gaze shifted to a pair of dark boots and a man in jeans. With black-rimmed sunglasses covering his eyes, his dreadlocks concealed his face. A slow grin revealed toothy fangs like those of a wild animal. Taking off his black leather jacket, he revealed his bulging muscles. As he howled, they pulsed and expanded. The girl shrieked, seeing the man transform before her eyes. She tries to get away from his giant hand but fails as he gripped both of her legs with one hand. The monstrous man dwarfed the two men while he lifted the girl off the ground. “Help! “Please!” she cried, trying to free herself from his grip.

In horror, one man kept his eyes on the concrete floor, and said, “I can’t watch this.”

The monster of a man bit into the girl’s upper body with a loud crunch. “Do not speak, no one can defeat Genova. He is the king of the city now.” The abandoned warehouse is filled with the sounds of slurping and gnawing as the two men’s blood runs cold.

Across from Machi and Solenne, Apricot drank from a straw. The three girls are seated at a small black cast iron picnic table in the park’s center. It’s nearly impossible not to notice how artificial the trees are. There was no question that the trees were plastic sculptures. Moreover, they did not grow or take on any color. Apricot presumed that the plants had to be made of polysynthetic materials.. After unwrapping their sandwiches, the girls poured ice tea into their glasses. As Apricot finds herself lost in her own thoughts, Machi and Solenne have a lot of small talk. Apricot finds herself in a strange situation. Having to deal with Shiori has been exhausting to say the least. Sleep has been scarce lately. Machi’s face fell, and Apricot had no idea why due to her lack of listening. Now that the tone of the conversation had changed, she was roused from her thoughts. 

“It worries me.” Solenne continued. “I realize the military won’t risk any of its soldiers, but still… the fighting has already begun.”

In the news, Apricot had read about the situation. Miners had discovered a remarkably large deposit of Urizen resources. Currently, Uchella and Aslana are fighting over the deposits. There is a demilitarized zone near it, which has been off-limits for years. Arjun was deployed about a month ago. Since then, Solenne has been anxious.

Machi chimed in, “Well, he is not in combat, is he?”

“He is,” Apricot recalls the conversation she had with the general. Still, the situation continues to deteriorate despite her unease. Solenne sighed. “They’ve seen a few air scares,” she observed. “I think he was in at least one dogfight, but he won’t admit it. Having scrambled a bomber, he proudly told me how he had sent the accompanying fleet away. That scares me.”

“I’m sorry, that’s terrible.” Apricot says to comfort, even though she imagines it wouldn’t be much use.

Machi added, “We’re just a phone call away.”

Apricot imagines Arjun wouldn’t want to worry Solenne, and he must feel exactly the same way about her when she is on duty. Similarly, the town is becoming more and more like a battleground as it changes. Maybe even more so if things continue to unfold as they are. “Arjun is an amazing pilot. Even if he’s in a dogfight, he’ll win.”

“I hope you are right, Apricot. One small mistake is all it takes.”

A shadowy underground corridor echoes with footsteps. A wolfish grin appeared on Genova’s face as he heard the steps approaching. His lips retreat from the nape of a young girl. In his usual black leather trench coat, Cortez emerged from the shadows, seemingly unperturbed. As Genova embraced two girls, one sitting on each leg, he said, “Cortez, my friend.” Both are of the typical brand that Genova is known for; street girls willingly sell themselves to join gangs in order to make money. Willing to give it away just for the opportunity.

“The hell is this? You have a throne?” Cortez grunted as he observed Genova’s stone chair.

Genova’s black sunglasses frame Cortez with a simple nod. “Yeah, I found it down here,” he replied. “This was probably an old cult chair. The world beneath this city would amaze you.” Genova rose from his slouch as he bounced the girls on his knee. “So, what do you want?”

As he reached into his pocket, he pulled out a wad of cash. He said, “I got the money I owe you. So now things are square?” he asked. “We can end this here.”

As Genova snickers, the teeth of his mouth are barely visible. Cortez raises an eyebrow. “Don’t worry about it. You repaid me more than enough.”

This is a very generous gesture from you.” Cortez observed with stone-straight eyes. His refusal to accept money is an omen of ill tidings that makes him sick to his stomach. Tremors ran down his leg as the urge to urinate hit him hard. At this point, the expectation of a well-fired gun shot was high. His gaze was darting to every corner. However, this was a strange place for a gathering, it already gave Cortez an uneasy feeling. If he would be offed, this is the place where it would happen.

As Genova cradled both girls in his arms, his jaw fell to the throat of one of the girls, and he whispered, “I owe you.” Digging deep into the flesh of the other girl, he firmly gripped her. As she scrambled to free herself, she shrieked. The blood drains from her neck as she kicks and screams as a red burst wets her tank top. As Cortez watches in horror, the girl grew pale while Genova suckled her dry.

“What the hell!” Cortez shouted, backing away from the hall.

His face becomes tight, his ears bulge like goat ears, his eyes turn red, and his teeth become razor sharp. The pulse of his muscles continues as he tightens. His hair begins to grow, as if he were a beast. His gaze flutters faintly as blood splashes from his mouth. He mumbles, “You look so shocked.” Suddenly, he releases his jaws, and the woman falls to the ground, sputtering blood.

“What the hell are you!?” Cortez responded with a hand to his chest. Genova rolled his head back and forth to get used to his brand-new form. “Those books you hired me to protect. They’re fascinating. I was so impressed with your father’s work. It was something you should have taken seriously.”

Cortez’s eyes are filled with fury. “I told you not to look.” he yelled. “You are now nothing more than a monster!”

“What are you going to do?” Genova laughed. “This was what your father was looking for as well. As far as I can tell, the cult had not achieved it either, otherwise they wouldn’t be searching for it. But it didn’t stop me from waiting for them down here. I’m waiting for them, hoping to eliminate my rivals before they eliminate me.” Genova pointed a clawed finger at Cortez. “I owe it to you.” he proudly said.

“I have never expected you to do this, even though you have always been a jerk, you murderer!” Cortez hissed as he clutched at his fist.

The terrified girl in Genova’s arms looks up at him. Runny black tears are streaming down her face. “When I was younger, they teased me for being a runt. I did not have many friends. This girl in my arms never gave me another glance. Everyone cast me aside as a nerd.” He smiled as he reminisced. She struggled in vain as he tightened his grasp on her. She yelled in pain as he tears at her skin.

“As I grew older, I understood why my life was hell. My helplessness was overwhelming. Cortez, weak people have no place in the world.” He turned his piercing gaze back toward Cortez. “When I became strong, people looked up to me. The strength I gained came faster than I expected. The others sought protection from me. Taking advantage of this, I even started my own business. My job was to protect them from other vermin gangs; from the government’s eyes. The nobles kept their distance.” He stared at the ground. “But then you showed up. This scared boy was trying to support his family. You were a strong kid. When I learned what you were hiding, I was surprised. You had the power, but you chose not to use it.”

“That is not power! That is just evil!” Cortez yelled.

“Call it what you will, Cortez. But I’m the Lord now. I will not let anyone stand in my way. I am the gate of souls, a ruler of both men and devils.” Genova looked up, hearing a metallic click. Cortez holds a pistol in his hand. “Struck a cord?”

Cortez faced the hideous beast that Genova had become with his gun outstretched. “You’re crazy.”

Genova growled, “Go ahead, shoot me.” As soon as he heard the loud bang, his eyes widened. A gaping hole can be seen in his chest as he was battered. The girl in his arms desperately tried to escape. There was a heavy smell of wet iron as blood flowed from his wound. He moistened his finger tips by raising his hand above his chest. He murmured, “I’m bleeding.” before laughing. Then he smiles and said, “Go ahead, shoot me again.” 

Cortez continued to fire his gun several times. The bullets scatter around Genova’s heart with each shot. Holding out his arm, he clicked the trigger while it chirped. “No bullets left.” Genova said. Cortez’s chest suddenly rose and fell. As he lowered the gun, his hand trembled. Turning his tail toward the hall, he ran along the corridor as quickly as he could.

“Maggots don’t frighten Kings,” Genova yelled out to Cortez. “Run Cortez, it’s only a matter of time.” Even as the girl’s scream echoed from the hall, Cortez kept running without looking back.

“The more people you can bring here, the better! Shiori, everyone! All of them!” Apricot pulled the phone away from her ear as Cortez yelled; his voice tinged with fear. 

Apricot commented, “You must really need Shiori’s help if you want his help.”

“Look, look, tell him I am willing to work with him. Apricot, now is not the time to joke. It’s the worst thing that could’ve happened. These are my notes, these are my father’s notes! There was some ritual performed on them. Now he is eating people alive! We must kill him before he gets stronger!” shouted Cortez.

A man who became a monster. Her mind kept floating back to the image of the man’s face splitting apart. The woman in the tunnel too. It had not occurred to her until now, but were those phantoms, or were they people? “Cortez stay calm. Let’s just remain calm. I’ll call for help. I am heading out the door. The Spook House is my next stop, so I’ll try to get as many people there as possible. Afterward, I will try to help. Are you OK? Can you give me about an hour?”

“Yeah, I’m above ground. A gang hideout in the old city has him hidden away. I’ll send you my location. But if he comes, I’m out. I think he is enjoying himself right now with the girl I tried to save. Gah, my lord, what have I done?” cried, Cortez. “I abandoned her!” he sobbed.

Apricot felt like he had a lump in his throat. The cool street urchin breaks down as he speaks. Something terrible must have happened to him. Apricot swallows the information and assumes the girl has died or is on her way out. There is nothing she can do except gather help. “I’ll call you soon.”

“She will sell us out for an article she is working on! Or she is an Okabi spy!” Apricot heard a woman’s angry voice. Apricot pulled open the door to discover Togashi sitting at the bar with an off-put expression. Akagi was drinking what looked like a soda out of a glass. A slim black-haired girl sat next to him with her eyes shut. She appeared to be Apricot’s age or one or two years younger.

“You’re silly, miss Ohara, I am disappointed.” Shiori laughed from the back room.

There is a loud slam before a tumble. “Don’t give me that bullshit! You know they did not secure her! She’s one of them!” The argument between the two continued in rapid bursts. While Shiori chuckled with his usual casual joking manner.

“What is with all the yelling?” Apricot asked as she made her way to the bar.

Akagi smirked. “O’ don’t mind them, Sumai and Shiori are fighting like usual. It will end soon.”

“Tiring squabble this one is.” Togashi drummed his fingers on the counter, rolling his eyes.

The twin doors to the back room breach open, exposing a red-haired middle-aged woman with blue eyes, which locked onto Apricot after spotting her. Their ferocity felt as if it gripped Apricot. “You need to leave!” she roared.

“What is this all about?” Apricot asked in a calm tone.

Storming up to the counter, Sumai shoved Togashi aside, receiving a snicker from him. “I know all about you Apricot! You are an Okabi spy. How else would you be allowed to get out of all the messes you have been in?”

Apricot raised both of her hands. “Wait what! I am not a spy!”

“Where did you get a gun from?” Sumai pressed.

Shiori staggered out of the room, his tie out of place. “Sumai,” she turned her head toward him. “Outside, leave her alone and cool down. As of right now, you are not permitted to enter the Spook House. So out.”

Sumai shook her head. “You are such a bastard.” Sumai huffed, walking out from behind the bar. “I am not done with this!” she announced to Shiori. Her scornful gaze quickly returned to Apricot. “I got my eyes on you!” Sumai growled, wagging her finger at Apricot as she stomped out the front doors.

“You are very early, Apricot,” Shiori said. “What’s up?”

Apricot regained her composure as images flood her mind again. She felt a slight touch on her back. “Don‘t let her get to you. Sumai is the same way with everyone. It’s just the way she is. She is protective to the end, a bit hardheaded, but in the end she will treat you the same way.” Akagi said, his face beaming.

“Cortez called me and told me that there is a guy who used some weird ritual to become a monster. He is waiting outside of his underground gang hideout or something. Apparently, there is a girl down with him. Some gang members, too.” It surprised Apricot to see everyone give her an unamused look.

“Heh, no.” Shiori grunted. “Cortez is a con artist, Apricot. Don’t trust him.” Shiori turned his back to Apricot and walked toward his office.

“Wait!” Apricot said. “Help him for me. I think this is serious.”

Shiori shook his head placing a hand on his hip. “It’s your funeral. You showed a lot of potential, but I won’t waste my time on a dog like Cortez. So help him. I will not clean his messes.”

Fuming Apricot is on her way out the door. After several steps, she rested her back against the side of the building to catch her breath. On her back, the bricks were warm from the sun’s rays. “How am I going to handle this?” She wondered. As time passed, this entire situation became darker. New questions arise, what exactly happened between them?

“You’re a piece of trash and you need to get lost or else.” Apricot scowled looking beside her to see Sumai glaring at her. Without a word, Apricot leapt off the wall, taking off before she said something she regretted herself. Surely, she was not inclined to stand for such abuse from a stranger. After about a block, she hears footsteps following her.

“Would you leave me?” Apricot asked, turning to look at the black-haired girl with the sapphire eyes. “I’m so sorry, I thought you were,” Apricot said.

“It’s fine. I heard what Sumai said.” the girl replied without moving her lips. It’s a soft, calm voice accompanied by deep, dark eyes. “I am Junko Morie. I apologize for not introducing myself earlier.”

This seemed strange to Apricot, making her thoughts race. “How are you doing that?”

“I speak through mental conversions. It is more comfortable for me to speak this way. Also far more private. For me that is.” Junko explained. Apricot strains her face in thought. Junko laughed, covering her mouth with her gloved hand. “It’s okay to use your voice. I can’t read minds, but at least I understand what I see.”

“That is a pretty cool talent,” Apricot said to Junko who nodded her head. “It is nice meeting you but I really have to go now.”

Junko frowned. “You seem sincere.” Apricot nodded. “I will come too if only to ensure your safety from Cortez.”

“Why does everyone dislike him? What did he do?” Apricot asked.

Junko shook her head. “It is not my place to say.”

Walking through this area of the city made Apricot uncomfortable. With broken glass littering the ground, it was a ruin that had been abandoned for a long time. Known by many as the trash land. If only they could hire workers to clear the grounds, the property would be very valuable. However, superstitions about ghosts and spirits are still prevalent. Therefore, this part of the city was inhabited only by the poorest and least moral people.

Apricot turned to see Cortez at the bottom of a set of stairs leading to a collapsed subway tunnel. Her soft footsteps divert his attention. A smirk crossed his face. “Nice shorts,” he remarked. Her jean shorts and pink tank top contrasted with Junko’s gothic attire. Cortez turned back toward the tunnel. “I am surprised to see you here, Junko.” Cortez murmured softly. “He’s not coming, is he?” Cortez moaned gruffly under his breath.

“Yeah, it’s just the two of us.” Apricot walks beside Cortez and looks down at the darkness below. The deep darkness appeared cold and unwelcoming.

As Junko looks over Apricot’s shoulder, she places her hand on her back. “I just came for her. Don’t cross your lines.”

Cortez grunted, “Yeah. I figured as much, so Shiori is too busy or what?” Apricot’s suspicions about Cortez’s prior relationship with the group grew. Junko must have known him. In her cold eyes, there was a kind of fondness. Concerning Cortez’s words, they felt pained. Their relationship was like an old friendship. Although Apricot diverted herself, her attention cannot be diverted from the subject at hand.  She can wonder afterwards.

“No, he refused as expected. I take it he is still there?” Apricot asked.

Cortez does not avert his gaze. The man has not yet appeared, if that’s what you mean. There are tunnels everywhere. He could have escaped through another route, but I doubt he would bother. I shot him. It did not even phase him. We need Shiori’s entire group, hell, we need a damn army.”

She waited for Cortez to continue, but he remained silent. “A monster?” she asked, hoping for more information.

Silently, he nodded. Both hands were clenched. “Call Shiori,” Cortez growled, “I want to confront that asshole myself.”

Apricot drew the black slab phone from her front pocket and opened it with a click. “You know better Cortez. He is not coming,” Junko said.

Take the phone from Apricot. Cortez said, “I want to know for myself.” 

The phone rang briefly, then clicked. In his usual condescending tone, Shiori said, “Heh, the dog boy wants to talk to me.”

“I don’t have time for bullshit.” Cortez said. “I saw a man transform into a monster. He’s already killed several people.”

“Cortez, maybe this isn’t the job for us. We should call the police. Leave it in their hands.” Apricot suggested.

Shiori’s laughter can be heard over the phone. “That would not be smart Apricot. They would kill you for seeing it.”

“What!?” Apricot shouted.

“What you did not know? My dear, you have figured out anything of this nature was covered up by the Okabe government. No witnesses will be allowed for these spooky rumors.” Shiori pauses. Doggy boy, what exactly led you to the badlands? Is it the work of your traitorous father?”

“Shut up, you don’t know anything about my Dad,” Cortez yelled. “But yeah, that file he had is down there. It was a gang I was paying to watch over it for me. Heh, you met them Apricot. Remember those guys who kicked the crap out of me when I met you?”

“Seems to be a common occurrence for you.” Shiori gloated.

“Shiori.” Apricot chided.

Shiori’s stifled snicker reached through the receiver. “Be truthful Cortez, we both know you were not paying them to look over that file.”

“I did but anyway, the tall one with the black dreads is named Genova. He is their leader.” Cortez said turning his gaze towards Apricot. “He solved the riddles in my father’s work, apparently. I figured he was a meathead and could not figure stuff out like that.”

“So your drug lord boss has a hit out for you and you want our help?” Apricot drops her jaw. “I’m not interested in helping criminal dogs like you, Cortez. You made your own mess. Apricot, I suggest you do the same.”

“Shiori, please, I need your help!” Cortez begged.

Apricot furrowed her brow. “Shiori, this is a lead in the right direction. We should at least investigate it. We will deal with Cortez after.”

“I won’t be a lap dog for this man’s gang troubles. Fair well.”

“Shiori, don’t go. I need your help.” Cortez once again asked.

After a moment, Shiori said, “And you lack it.” A click signaled the end of the phone call.

“You didn’t mention you were in a gang!” Apricot yelled, grabbing Cortez’s arm. “What have you doing with a gang?”

His gaze fell toward the ground. “I had no other choice, my family, they needed the money. The gang… well, they helped me.”

“Do you sell drugs?” Apricot asked.

“I sell all kinds of things.” Cortez turned his back toward Apricot pulling away. “I will deal with it myself if you won’t help me.”

“How?” Apricot asked.

“I don’t know. I was hoping Shiori would help… he might not seem like it, but he is strong. I kind of figured he would not be around so I had an idea of my own. It would be a lot easier with you two. Junko, please help me.” Cortez said.

Junko stretched her posture. “I am listening.”

“I will help you too. But I am not happy with you. So what is this plan of yours?” Apricot asked.

Cortez pulled out a vile containing some kind of putty substance. “I got this, it’s called Lyiatris, and I use it to break into places. A dot of it can blow a lock off.” Cortez’s gaze shifted away from Apricot. “But this tube carries a lot more danger. I’ve got a cell phone and a burner with me. I need another. I need a few wires, any wires will do. From this, I can rig up a few bombs. Three. There’s an extensive tunnel down there. We can string bombs along it. Three of them, not too far apart, but fairly close together. When he is in the middle of them, use a group call to detonate them all. That should collapse the walls around him and trap him. We need kindling because we want him to burn.” Apricot grimaced as Cortez described the gory details of his plan. “I figure he’ll be unable to reform if he’s burned to ashes. Just like old troll legends.”

She nodded her head in agreement. “Why not just light him on fire?” Her stomach turned at how casually she came up with such a terrible idea.

“Well, trapping him would keep him stuck in the flames. So, he will die for sure.” Cortez said as he stares at the ground.

Junko looked at the tube. “Will it be strong enough to do that? Those walls are made of concrete,” she said aloud.

“I hope.” Cortez turned to look away. “I am not sure though. I will act as a bate. Have him chase me. So, what I need you two to do is wait here while I scavenge the parts.”

“You are not leaving. I don’t trust you, Cortez,” Junko said.

“Fine you two, go find some kindling and a cable for anything, as long as it is for an electronic. I can rig it up with that.” Cortez said resting his back against the concrete wall. “You only have a half an hour before I do it myself.”

Blood flowed down the corners of the tunnel. Apricot shuffled her feet to avoid the puddle of blood at the entrance to Genova’s “lair”. An irony smell filled the air, making her nauseous. There are pieces of torn flesh scattered about the room. As Cortez walked along the dark corridor, he shielded Apricot with his body. In the dimly lit room, the only source of light was a small sewer grate that projects light down. A red glow emanated from a set of eyes in the shadows. A low growl echoed through the empty concrete walls, “Your bravery to return Cortez and what an offering.”

“Something like that,” Cortez said as he walked. His body jerked against each step. “I want my father’s file back.”

Genova sat upon his throne exposing himself to the light. He had to duck down when he stood up to the ceiling. His grin reminded Apricot of a wolf’s face. “You’re joking.” Genova grabbed his gut and cackled. Isn’t it obvious to you the situation you are in?”

“I am not,” Cortez said as Genova takes a step forward. The sole of his hooved foot clopped on the floor. “Now where is it?”

When Apricot saw the face of the man from the grocery store, her knees began to tremble. She felt a burning sensation down her arm as her heart pounded. She whispered, “Was that man?” Genova interrupted her train of thought with a loud roar that morphed into a laugh.

“You dare to make demands of me?” he howled. “I will break your legs and make you watch as I rip your friend‘s skin off.” He raised both his hands to the light displaying a set of large bear-like claws as he chuckles. “Scream for me!” he yelled stomping his foot.

Cortez backed away from Genova yelling, “Run!” Apricot turned tail and scurried back into the dark tunnels. Apricot clutched her cellphone tightly. Upon pressing the button, the bombs would go off. It was a relief to run past the first bomb. Junko awaited her at the end of the hall. Cortez can be heard running close behind her as the stomping of hooves thundered toward her. She passed the second one and continued until she reached a green x on the floor marked with chalk.

Watching Cortez cross the final red line, she turned around. Behind him followed the beast. Clicking the microswitch, she hudled. Nothing happens. As she does it again, her hands tense on the controls. “What are you doing?” Cortez yelled.

Apricot yelled, “It’s not working.” Her vision blurred as her heart sunk deep into her chest. “Oh no!” she shrieked. As the purple glowing aura returned, she felt a burning sensation in her arm. She looks at Cortez facing the monster and said, “Wait…” Junko grunted.  Genova stops dead in his tracks. Genova lets out a pained howl. Bobbing back and forth, Cortez draws a knife from his side.

Apricot noticed Junko holding her hand out, her eyes white and rolled back behind her head. Genova’s veins pulsate as he grimaces. She reaches for her arm band and pulls out a single knife. Genova raised his arm high above Cortez’s head. The knife flew straight into Genova’s chest as Apricot prays that she is correct. A burst of wet smoke sent him flying backwards. With heavy breathing, he stares down Apricot and Cortez. Junko gasped, falling to the ground. She cried, “I can’t.”

Genova grabbed the silver knife and ripped it from his chest. It sizzled as he screamed out “It burns!“ Throwing the knife onto the ground, Genova retreated down the hall leaving a trail of blood behind him. Cortez stares rigidly into the darkness.

“Should we follow him?” Apricot murmured, her body trembling uncontrollably.

In response, Cortez drops to his knees and let out a long sigh. “I don’t think we should.” as he rasped his breath.

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