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Who Was Luke?

I have been doing a Bible Study with a wonderful new group of friends I have made. Over the past few month it has been a real pleasure. I decided to go over the work I have done for the book of Luke and thought I might as well explain Luke a bit better.

We can assume he is a gentile because of a comment written in Colossians 4. Where Paul comments on how there are not many Jews around him. He names Luke specifically as a iaomai or physician. So it is safe to assume he is a doctor.

Luke was not an apostle of Jesus, he joined Paul when in Traos. It is evident from his writings that he is a well traveled man. Most likely because of his work as a physician he has seen many things and places. He would remain with Paul until Paul’s arrest in Philippi. From there we don’t have a clear picture of what happened to Luke. One could assume he carried on with spreading the gospel and being a physician, most likely traveling.

However, they would meet again and reunite with each other in Philippi, and spent a great deal of time there. Several years in fact. He followed along with Paul when he went to Jerusalem. Paul once again is arrested and imprisoned. Luke of course carries on with his work. He shows up again when Paul is eventually released and heads to Rome.

Luke would finally be caught up in things and be imprisoned in Rome. We are not sure when he wrote the book of Luke. It is clear though that his writings were cherished. Our dearly beloved physician is very much loved. We can thank Christ for preserving his work even today. It is ever so a blessing in this day.

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