Jayce Ran Speaks

JRS#1: Please Don’t Change

I decided because of recent events to speak out. I know I try to be measured in what I say online but I cant no long afford the luxury of silence. We recently saw Black Lives Matter demonstrate across America however what you did not know, they were a mask. There is no BLM movement any longer. Instead we have a bunch of Marxists authoritarians using socialism to really bring about there fascist wet dream. If you notice the majority of them are white. A true BLM movement should be lead by actual Black people.

I say this knowing full well that slings and arrows will come my way. I am not afraid because the decent people of all races and especially the black people who will no doubt be trampled upon by this movement matter more to me then the comforts of silence. It deeply pains me to see this nation on the brink of civil war because some people do not know there history. Quite honestly this falls upon the hands of the teachers. My conspiratorial side can’t help but think this fragrant ignorance was set upon us on purpose by their hands.

This is a plea for all of you blessed and wonderful people to remain that way. Do not become something you are not. These people who are running about burning things down should not be judged, it is clearly not their best moment and the have marched into the throws of emotional alchemy. My eye are not even set upon the people who did this. My eyes are set above, to the heavens and the devils that turn a persons pure heart into one of evil.

HOWEVER, there comes a time when events make it impossible to reason with someone. We must defend ourselves and defend those who cannot defend themselves. We must unite and join together to stop this insane death spiral our nation has found itself in. I fear if we do not, we will die as a nation.

I say these things knowing full well what I am doing. I will be labeled a racist, a fascist, someone who hates, and all other kinds of drivel. The cold winds will come again. I hold my own banner under Christ alone, the great uniter of all people. I pray you don’t change. Show compassion for others, less fortunate ones, you show them love. To those that hate you display the greatest riches to them. If they still hate you, pick yourself up and leave. Allow no one to trample you. Bow to no one, not even our president, we bow to God above alone.

Do unto others as you would have done unto you. The golden rule, follow it. I hope you take my words to heart. We are facing something very dangerous. The beast in the east is rising. The great red dragon of our age, CCP, is coiling itself around the people of China. They cry out for freedom but the dragon swallows all who rise above the tide.

I am voting for Trump, not because he is the person I ideally want to see as president. Its because of his stance on China. The Republicans are in bed with them. Democrats are in bed with them. I fear for our country. I think they are the ones behind the unrest. They are behind the Covid-19 virus. They have killed millions and they know full well no one can really do anything. They want to control our communications to steal the worlds technology. TikTok and Zoom, collecting our data and spying on us. They want to control the 5G so all communication can be openly taken. The CCP is so close to ruling the world. They control our university’s with their thousand talents program. They are paying them to radicalize our kids. I dont care if he talks like a jerk. I care that he is going to fight them.

You know my stance. We must save China from the CCP, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, and end slavery around the world. The treatment of the Chines people has been vile. I know I am not supposed to include more than one topic. I cant think of writing it another way though. It all connects. Please have a good day. Do things for others. Don’t feel helpless. While you cant do everything, you can do something, and something is far better than nothing.

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