Before you is a meticulously crafted archive of records referring to the most primitive history of Laves.  I have sought to assemble together as many notes and epics from traditions and accounts to produce a more or less finished work.  Forgive me but for the purpose of completeness I have taken liberties to introject my insight into this tome.  I hope you will grant mercy as this is perhaps the oldest record of history I have achieved and that withstanding there are still gaps lingering in the text.

Laves has since been forgotten by antiquity but, Laves served as an ancient monument for the celestial gods and the devils.  Its account is bruised in fanciful legends of gallant heroes and villainous pacts.  Of rising kingdoms and fallen empires.  During the first war the region of Laves split into a number of islands as the god’s bored into the underworld to make war with the devils.

They referred to the most southern island as Foekai, home to many famous warriors, and those who continued the traditions of the mystics.  The charge of spears was their guiding belief and a way of living for those in the provinces of Foekai.  East of Foekai was Jhavra a region without survivors.  Ruined and maimed left for the wilderness to swallow.

In the north was a territory called Kannon, home to the fallen sovereign Lhavik who himself was a god.  His kingdom was a remarkable one composed of crystal and gold, of delicate and finest stones.  It was a paradise among paradises.  Though the land of Kannon itself was beautiful none dare walk upon its borders.  For Lhavik was full of scorn for mortals.  Throughout the shore several dragons served him for they were his sole company.

A lonely island hailed as the Altar of the Gods stood in the midst of the waters.  They held this land as a forbidden place not to be trod upon unless in accord to the will of the gods.  A place where dragons gathered to carry message to the gods above.

North of Kannon is an archipelago called Isrule.  It further was a handsome country stock of nature’s prize.  Thick forests and immense fields spread on for as distant as the eye could see; untouched by the fists of war.  The occupants of the area lived peacefully keeping to themselves.

Over time, the lands of Laves recovered from the horror that befell them from above.  All things appeared to return to normal and the ordeal that broke upon them was long dead in their memoirs.  However, below them was the realm in which the great devils lived.  A place few dared to speak of…

In the dead places still there where preachers of the ancient cult who dwelt as they worked continually to fulfill the former ambition.  So they whispered when the sun passed and many tales were uttered among the torchlight.  Our history commences with one such man named Corbius, who dared whisper in the black of midnight and heard a response that would permanently reshape the course of history.

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