This story is currently a work in progress. If you find any errors or have comments please feel free to let me know. When time ceases to be time, it is easy to lose yourself. We define ourselves in finite terms. If handed infinity, would you still be you? I lost myself some time ago. […]

Before you is a meticulously crafted archive of records referring to the most primitive history of Laves.  I have sought to assemble together as many notes and epics from traditions and accounts to produce a more or less finished work.  Forgive me but for the purpose of completeness I have taken liberties to introject my insight into […]

The Tablet Of The Shadows Of Light Such a wicked little adventure I am about to commit. Here upon this tablet I shall scribe what I appreciate of works kept undiscovered to you mortals. If you have found this I have permitted you a forbidden secret, one which I propose it best not to read. […]