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Some Thoughts On Comic Art

My dear comic artists!

I’m concerned about the current quality and pace of comics production. Back in the 70s, two pages a day was the industry standard. The trend seems to be shifting, though.

Even though the demands and intricacies of the craft have evolved over time, it’s disheartening to see production drop to an average of one page every third day.

Additionally, I’ve noticed the characters’ poses lack dynamism and vigor. Comics aren’t just about the storyline, they’re about the visual storytelling that imbues each frame with life.

It’s not a personal attack, just constructive criticism. I appreciate the hard work you all put into your art. Come on, let’s elevate the standards of our beloved medium by emulating the dedication and work ethic of our comic colleagues of old.

Thanks for taking the time to consider my perspective. Don’t stop creating, and remember that every stroke adds to the legacy of comics.

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