Perosnal Journal

A Letter to Nobody

In the darkness, I lay on my side, taking in the dim light. The truth is, there are ruins from the past that bear the scars of a time long since passed. Even as I keep trying to straighten it out more and more, it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to do so. As I have looked back on the past few years, I have noticed that the feelings I left behind are rotting slowly away one at a time.

Regardless of who you are, I forgave you. Despite what you may think, I am convinced that you will not benefit from hiding. There is no such thing as waking up and vanishing. On the stage of my shadowy past, you could watch every detail without being shaken.

Many times, we fled from gunshots. We will meet at the bridge of angels. Taking the pieces one by one, knowing what was nearby as well as what was present. I can already see the consequences of their actions. Humor that comes from denial is not the same as humor that is disguised in some way.

I grieve in the ink of my pen. It is strange to find myself writing on such a page. But that doesn’t mean that it disappears just because you hide it. After you wake up, if you burn the page, you’ll find me all alone lost in my own kind of gloom.

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