Ring Fit Adventures (Nintendo Switch)

May be a cartoon

So I got Ring Fit Adventure about two weeks ago. I was skeptical of the game at first being it is a game and not sure if it could have any real workout, after all its just a ring. I was pleasantly surprised however.

While it is simple and easy to understand there is a great many excises that promote a healthy fitness routine. Now you will not get jacked by playing this you will get toned. If you want more definition in your muscles or you want to lose a few pounds this is honestly a great route to go for exercise.

I would really really advise getting this. You don’t need bulky equipment to be fit, this is proof. I appreciate the extra health tips. While I disagree with some, (Mainly Fruit being a healthy choice for eating, it should be treated like candy.) most of it is rather good.

I plan on continuing my use of the game for years to come. It is really cool that they have chosen to make a fun way to exercise. Also its good for all ages. So slap on that leg band and set you kid up with it too.

If I convinced you to buy Ring Fit please consider using my link for it, it helps out with me keeping the site up: https://amzn.to/3sEOGf1

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