Perosnal Journal

Revelation Study Coming Soon

I have had a lot of people ask me to do a study on Revelation throughout the years. I tend to agree, I really want to cover four books. Revelation, Jude, Genesis, Isaiah; in that order too. While I appreciate Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John; I feel the western church has that covered pretty well. The stuff they do not cover however tends to be the things in those books.

Believe it or not I believe Revelation should be studied first out of all the books of the Bible. Then Genesis. Revelations is unique in its ability to take people through almost every book of the Bible to understand it. The only problem is being able to study it. It requires someone who knows their stuff. You will not understand Revelation if you do not understand the Bible deeply. Everything in Revelation, well just about everything, requires a previous teaching. This sometimes is a subtle thing too.

So in order to teach it I advise you to have several tabs open on your pc or have at least three bibles with you. There will be a lot of flipping through the Bible. I will provide the verses but everyone prefers their own translation. Don’t worry about translation because I will do all of that when it is important.

Alright, I will do other studies too along side this. There will be speculative topics that I will discuss outside of the study. So extra stuff. Those topics that can be inferred from the text but are not in it so to speak. Such as the Church’s history.

So yeah, Revelation, lets do it.

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