Perosnal Journal

Lone Wolf

I used to believe that I had no place in the world. Back in high school I acted a lot but really I didn’t fit in. I always thought differently than other people, sometimes to my detriment, sometimes it was mere illusion. However, I was the artist always striving to draw and write. It was my talents that impress people. That is how I learned how to socialize. Not by saying hello or hey but at arms distance.
I got out on my own moved to New Mexico, made some friends and well, didn’t fit in there either. I was an alien, I was strange and my customs were weird. It was there I met some interesting folks. Kacie, my girlfriend, love of my life, bane of my existence, she was a lovely disease. I still never found my place with her either though I truly do still love that girl. Emily, Mitchel, and the others were truly people I found a home for a time with. The militia I joined also was a lot of fun. Taught me how to be a man. How to clean a gun and shoot. Stitch up a wound, give me floss and a needle, fix you right mate.
Anyways, to make a long story short, I didn’t fit in because I found that I fit with many groups. I am the lone wolf. I am not just saying that for edgy sense or whatever either. I fit in with geeks and nerd, I fit in with the brave and free, I fit in with the lonely and fearing, I fit in because I can relate to people, from a conceptual level at the least. There is still no place for me, because I am always moving around, always. So when this ol lone wolf comes a kicking around with you, know that I value that.

2 thoughts on “Lone Wolf

  1. Girlfriend, love of your life, bane of your existence, lovely disease. I certainly am a multifaceted woman, aren’t I? I’m sorry I wasn’t a home for you, I do hope you find one, for whatever that’s worth.


    1. You couldn’t help it. Not a day goes by where I don’t cherish the time we spent. However, like all things, they come to an end. No point in wondering what could have been. We move on, and brace tomorrow for whatever it brings. The disease is that even after so much time has passed I cant get you out of my head, guess I am just a helpless romantic.


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