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Who was Shealtiel – Joseph?

Who was Shealtiel

Shealtiel was the son of King Jeconiah. He would at some point adopt his sons, Pedaiah, child, Zerubbabel. However we are not given any reason or events leading up to this. One can speculate that Pedaiah died early in Zerubbabel’s life and thus Jeconiah would have adopted him.

Who was Zerubbabel

Zerubbabel was the adopted son of Shealtiel. He was the governor of Yehud Medinata. He would lay the second foundation of the Temple. He apparently was a man of great integrity and was well loved.

Who was Abihud

Abihud is the son of Zerubbabel. We are not given much on him. His name means “the divine father is glory”

Who was Eliakim

Eliakim son of Abihud. Once again we are not give much about him.

Who was Azor

Azor was son of Prince Eliakim. His name means a helper.

Who was Zadok

Zadok was son of Azor. Nothing else is written of him.

Who was Achim

Achim was the son of Zadok. That’s really all there is about him.

Who was Eliud

Eliud was the son of Achim. That is all we know about him.

Who was Eleazar

Eleazar was the son of Eliud. Other than that, that is all we know about him.

Who was Matthan

Matthan was the son of Eleazar. Literally that is all we know about him.

Who was Jacob

Jacob was the son of Matthan. That is all I could find on him, though there may be some more information out there. I just could not find it.

Who was Joseph

Joseph is the son of Jacob. I find interesting that we have a repeat of two figures like that. Jacob and Joseph. Joseph was Jesus’s adopted father. He was a carpenter specializing in masonry and woodworking. He would marry Mary and the rest is history. We will be looking at him in detail. But I figure not now.

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