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Who was Solomon?

Solomon whose father was none other than King David. He would be born in Jerusalem with several brothers and sisters. He was entrusted to Nathan to raise him in the ways of a priest. Often Nathan would refer to Solomon as friend of God. Nathan may have also looked over Solomon because of David’s great sin of murder, and adultery.

This sin of David will also negatively impact Solomon’s life too as his elder brother Adonijah would attempt to take the thrown. His rebellion did not get very far however and he was put to death as a result. Naturally Solomon would be crowned as King of Israel.

God would visit Solomon in a dream and ask him what gift shall he give to Solomon. Solomon asked to be able to understand the heart of the people. God was moved by his request and made him the wisest king to ever live. He also gave him riches and honor. He also promised to lengthen his days if he followed in his fathers footsteps.

Two woman brought a child before Solomon with a child. Both woman wanted the child. The woman were fighting over the child because one of there children had died that day however both lay claim to this baby. Solomon asked for a sword. He then said that they would chop the child in half and give the woman both a half. Horrified the mother of the child said she can have a the whole child. Solomon then said you must be the mother and to go with your child.

Solomon would also be charged with building the Temple. The house of the Lord would have very specific instructions. Solomon would carry them all out to the very specifications given. The people would happily provide all of the supplies needed.

Solomon was obscenely wealthy and in being so rich naturally he would have many wives, over 700 wives in fact. In which he started worshiping false gods and practicing many forbidden arts and even worshiped devils. This lead Solomon away from God and God took notice. He would eventually lose his blessings from God.

Because of his treacherous behavior God would raise up enemies and send armies to attack Israel. God would later explain he did this because of Solomon’s worship of false gods and not staying true to the ways of the Lord. Sadly, Solomon died a fallen man and showed us even with God’s favor we can be destroyed in the hands of darkness very easily.

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