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Who was Rehoboam?

Rehoboam was the son of King Solomon. Rehoboam reign would be marked by the challenges he put forth to the people. They came to him asking for him to lighten the load. He even sought some of his father’s advisors and they too suggested that he lighten there load. Not wanted to he went for new advisors who naturally agreed with him.

The people would be made absolutely miserable under his reign. He was a tyrant, and the people would raise up a man named Jeroboam as there King. This is when Israel would ultimately split into two kingdoms. The south known as Judah would be under Rehoboam’s rule; while the north would be under Jeroboam’s rule. There would be a number territorial battles between the two, neither one holding any ground against the other.

If that was not bad enough Rehoboam would continue his fathers worship of false god’s. He would raise up shrines to them and even worse he allowed people to freely worship them. This angered God greatly. This would have the people looking no different then the other pagan nations around them. God decided to hand them over to Egypt again. Rehoboam’s rule ended in 17 years.

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