Perosnal Journal

Who was Pharez – Salmon?

Who was Pharez

He is the son of Judah, a elder twin brother, his younger brother being Zarah. He was said to be baring a scarlet thread in his hand at birth. His name means to breach or burst forth. Pharez is a half canaanite. Sometime during his life he had two son one of which was named Hezron, other than those few facts there is not much written of him.

Who was Hezron

Hezron was the son of Pharez. His children would be called Hezronites. Other than those few facts little is known about him.

Who was Ram

Ram was the son of Hezron. He is sometimes refereed to as Aram and Arni. Other than this there is little to no reference to him in the Bible.

Who was Amminadab

Amminadab was the son of Ram. Other than that there is no information on him.

Who was Nahshon

Nason was the son of Amminadab. He was the leader of the tribe of Judah and lead them along side Moses during the wildness wandering, however he would not survive.

Who was Salmon

Salmon is the son of Nahshon. Like his father he was tribal leader of Judah. Aside from that we are not given much to go on in scripture.

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