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Who was Joash?

Joash was the son of Ahaziah. He too was not mentioned in the genealogy written by Matthew. He was only seven when he became King of Judah. His mother Zibiah was from Beersheba. He walked in the ways of the lord but the priests of Judah were faithless. The temple priests told Joash that the sons of Athaliah have broken into the house of God and used every hold thing for the worship of there Baals.

They restored the temple. The Spirit of God came onto Jehoiada the son of the priest. He spoke to them saying that they had transgressed the commands of the Lord. Because they have forsaken him, he shall forsaken them. At which Joash had him put to death by stoning.

The Arameans came with a small army but because of Joash’s sin he would give them into their hands. Thus he exacted judgment on Joash. He was not even considered worthy enough to be buried in the tomb of Kings.

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