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Who Was Isaac?

Isaac was the second son of Abraham and first son of Sarah. He was circumcised at eight days old, which would become a Jewish custom. After Isaac was a young man his father Abraham was told be God to sacrifice him. However God provided a sacrifice for him thus saving Isaac.

Isaac would eventually marry a woman named Rebekah. Isaac soon after would have twins, Esau and Jacob. He would later travel and settle in Gerar, a place the was to the north of Egypt. Like his father Abraham he too lied about his wife and said that she was his sister for fear the people of Gerar would kill him.

The Philistine King Abimelech took her and quickly returned her. When asked why he lied Isaac explained he was afraid he would be killed. Abimelech said that he was too powerful and that anyone that touch Rebekah would be killed. He then told him to go away. So he traveled to Beershiba and dug a well. Abimelech would later return to Isaac saying that he could tell that God was with him and that he wanted peace between the both of them.

Jacob would later deceive his father and get his brothers inheritance by presented goat fur to him. Apparently his brother Esau was really hairy. Naturally his brother was not happy about receiving this blessing. Isaac was later displeased with Esau when he would accept a Canaanite wife.

Isaac breathed his last breath at 180 years old.

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