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Who was Abraham?

Abraham was the son of Terah, a pagan worshiper from Ur. He also had a brother and a step sister who later became his wife. He was called out of Ur by God and when he was 75 he left Haran. Lot his nephew also went with him.

When he had arrive at the land God had instructed him to travel to he built an alter to the Lord but did not settle. Instead he traveled to Egypt, where he was approached by the Egyptian King. Seeing the his wife was beautiful he wanted to have her. Abraham told him that it was his sister. So naturally he took her to his palace. God however did not like this. He sent great plagues to the Pharaoh. He immediately returned her and gave him sheep, oxen, donkeys, camels, and several servants; greatly enriching Abram.

Abram left Egypt, and traveled to Negev. Lot meanwhile became unsatisfied. They eventually split up and so Abram dwelt in the land of Canaan. The Lord would speak to Abram and consecrate the land in which Abram lived on as being his and his offspring forever.

Later war would come and all the nations of the earth would fight. Abram and his band too would fight. He would claim victory and he denied himself spoils but rather trusted in God and the land that was given to him.

God would promise Abram a son, a son whom all the world would be blessed by. However, Sarai was old and after many attempts she did not conceive. With Sarai’s blessing Abram slept with his sevant named Hagar. She conceived of a son and Abram named him Ishmael.

God would come to him again to change his name and further his convent with him. He would be known as Abraham. A through him a multitude of nations would come. He would then change Sarai’s name to Sarah. He would also proclaim that she would conceive.

She did and she bore a son named Isaac. He would later bring Isaac as an offering to the Lord however, he was spared, because God provided a suitable sacrifice.

Sarah sadly passed away and Abraham was heart broken. He took another wife and had several children with her. However, Abraham was of great age and would pass away as well.

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