King David is perhaps one of the most famous Kings in history. However before he was a King he was a shepherd. A nobody in Judah, he would spend most of his childhood looking after his fathers sheep. He is recorded as protecting his fathers flock a few times by killing both a lion and a bear.

Samuel, a prophet of God immediately recognized the young David as the divine King sent by God to succeed King Saul. He anointed David in oil anticipating his rise to power. However, David went back to shepherd his father’s heard. From that point on the Spirit of the Lord dwelled upon him.

David was also a skilled musician. He played the harp and it was not long after this that Saul would call for him. He would play the harp sooth Saul. This would not be the only time he would be called by Saul.

Goliath a great warrior in the Philistine army and most likely a nephilim because of his great size. A nephilim is an angel human hybrid, they were massive giants according to Genesis 6. Now the Philistines were gathered in the Valley of Elah. David was sent by his father to bring food for his brothers. When he arrived however Goliath was trash talking the armies of Israel. Seeing no one standing up, he agreed to fight Goliath.

At first King Saul tried dressing him in armor. However David rejected this and instead met him unarmored. Goliath laughed at him because he was much smaller then him. However as we all know David stunned him by throwing a stone from a sling. Then with Goliath own sword cut off his head and had stone for each one of Goliath’s brothers.

Naturally this gave David great popularity, which also naturally would breed hate into King Saul. He was forced to flee and live in the wilderness as a pariah. He would end up spending his time among the Sons of the Prophets. He was soon discovered by Saul who would chase him out. This would go on for some time.

He would eventually join the Philistines army against Israel. Ultimately Saul would die fighting the Amalekites. With Saul’s death he returned to Israel where he was promptly crowned as the anointed King of Judah. However, Abner would contest his crown. He believed that Ish-bosheth, Saul’s only surviving son, was the rightful ruling due to lineage. This fomented a bloody civil war.

Abner was defeated at the pool of Gibeon and later would join David. Sadly though Israel did not. Ish-bosheth however, would not last long as he would meet his end. Now David was the King of a reconciled Israel. David would fight in a series of wars to expand his kingdom from the Euphrates to the river of Egypt and as far as Gaza to Thapsacus.

David however would have his sins recorded as well. He fell for a girl in his empire sent her husband to the front lines of battle where he would ultimately die. He then took her as his concubine. He would later confess his sins before God.

There would be other civil wars toward the end of David life. David would die and his son Solomon would take up where his father left off and build the temple. Sadly David would not be allowed to because he was a man of war. Ultimately David is an example of even with the best intentions we all can fall to the temptations of sin and must do our best to resist.

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