Perosnal Journal

There is no way! Méi Bàn Fǎ!


That is right, right now I am overwhelmed with the amount of projects I have going on and the amount of assistance I am giving out. In the last few days you might have noticed me producing a lot of Bible Studies trying to catch up. Those alone with my normal writing schedule plus designs for various people and editing and a few short stories on the side for people have me absolutely overwhelmed.

I can’t keep this pace. I have to accept that. I can try but I am going to burn myself out. Let this be a lesson for all of you. There is only so much one can do.

I am going to finish the projects I have right now but I am not accepting any more for the time being. I need to catch up and get this massive stack done.

List of Projects

So here is a short little list of projects that will be coming out on this page in the near future.

  • Site Optimizations And Better Categorizations
  • Bible Study Chapters (Semi Regularly) (Behind on Luke Chapters 9,10,11,12 and13)
  • An End To All You Know Chapters (Novel) (Way Behind)
  • Lyorta (Random Stuff)
  • Jayce Ran: Table Top Role Play System (In Progress)
  • Forever Kingdom (Novel) (Plotting)
  • Dark Saga: Makina (Novel) (Meh whenever I have time for that)

If anything in that list has shocked you well, good. I want you to see some nice surprises. Granted this is all just a hobby to me. A way to pass the time. So please please bare with me. I will get everything back in order. I just need time. There is not enough of that…

None the less I shall be posting against within hours probably.

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