Perosnal Journal

My Attempt At A Writing Schedule

Day Stage
Day 1 Plotting/Sketching 1A, Inciting Event, 1B, First Plot Point
Day 2 Plotting/Sketching 2A, First Pinch Point, 2B, Midpoint
Day 3 Plotting/Sketching 2C, Second Pinch Point, 2D, Third Plot Point
Day 4 Plotting/Sketching 3A, Climax, Climatic Moment, Resolution
Day 5 Drafting Prologue
Day 6 Drafting 1A
Day 7 Drafting 1A
Day 8 Drafting Inciting Events
Day 9 Drafting 1B
Day 10 Drafting First Plot Point
Day 11 Drafting 2A
Day 12 Drafting 2A
Day 13 Drafting First Pinch Point
Day 14 Drafting 2B
Day 15 Drafting 2B
Day 16 Drafting Midpoint
Day 17 Drafting 2C
Day 18 Drafting 2C
Day 19 Drafting Second Pinch Point
Day 20 Drafting 2D
Day 21 Drafting 2D
Day 22 Drafting 3A
Day 23 Drafting Climax
Day 24 Drafting Climatic Moment
Day 25 Drafting Resolution
Day 26 Final Editing 1A / Inciting Event
Day 27 Final Editing 1B / First Plot Point
Day 28 Final Editing 2A / First Pinch Point
Day 29 Final Editing 2B / Midpoint
Day 30 Final Editing 2C / Second Pinch Point
Day 31 Final Editing 2D / Third Plot Point
Day 32 Final Editing 3A / Climax
Day 33 Final Editing Climatic Moment / Resolution

That is what it looks like. I got to get back on track. I got way off course but if I stick to myself I can finish a novel in 33 days. I also plan on attempting a Bible Study daily as well. So let’s see if I can handle this kind of load. Believe it or not this only requires me to work at it a couple hours a day with it spread out like this. So really only around 4000 words a day, which is like nothing. Right, well, I am going to be operating on that theory hahahaha! Got to get more stories done.

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