Perosnal Journal

Chapter Layout Done

Been hard at work all morning with Peppermint tea. I did some major reworks on AETAYK (An End To All You Know). Restructured some of the chapters, added in some more material and changed some of the major events in the beginning.

I originally had Primina’s curiosity (the main character) being the driving force for discovery. I actually felt that did not illustrate the lengths of which the characters went to cover things up. If I allowed her to discover things on her own then it would prove the characters were either incompetent or that they wanted her to discover the truth of things on her own. That is an impression I wont risk. Instead, I must keep entropy as the driving force for discovery in the beginning. Since the central theme of the entire book is entropy and the futility of man’s efforts to create utopia. Knowing that going into the book wont spoil it at all.

Oddly enough I have been listening to Miyasato Kumi, Kaze no Lullaby (Translation: Lullaby of the Wind [I think!]), really strikes me in all the right ways. I really love that early 90s twangy guitar that came out of Japan. The Smiths also employed it in the 80s as well, but the Japanese rock scene played it a bit harder. Also the use of layered lyrics, she has a really pretty voice during the chorus too.

Normally I would be at church or rather arriving home but I am a don’t want to risk getting anyone sick. Moms visiting after though, its cool if she gets sick, apparently. I really would prefer wearing a face mask if she is but I already know she wont let me.

Anyway, I got the story blocks figured out. This one looks like it is going to be around 29 chapters and a prologue. So I got my work cut out for me. However, some of those chapters are going to be short. I may have 30 chapters for something I want to do with one of the chapters. It is for artistic expression alone and wont require much attention. However, I feel like it may illustrate an image I am trying to potray to include it.

So with that said this book is going to be somewhat avant garde. Well I wont spoil any more. Expect the first chapters to be coming out sometimes next week. The ones I have up right now are going to be reworked with my new ideas. I got a bunch of work to do but nothing a few hours wont fix. And I got to rake… that too… might do that first… probably not though…

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