I have been working on my writing formula for a while now, the better part of five years. By doing this I have learned a lot of talents and skills for writing. So needless to say my toolbox is pretty nicely filled at this point. However, I have a set of goals I want to meet as a writer too. Here is what I hope to be able to achieve and my roadmap.

Thoughts and sketches of scenes created while working on another project.

Day 1: Plot Outline From Sketches
Day 2: Finish Outline And Prologue

First Draft
Day 2: Write Act 1 A First 1/2
Day 3: Write Act 1 A Second 1/2
Day 4: Write Act 1 B First 1/2
Day 5: Write Act 1 B Second 1/2
Day 6: Write Act 2 A First 1/2
Day 7: Write Act 2 A Second 1/2
Day 8: Write Act 2 B First 1/2
Day 9: Write Act 2 B Second 1/2
Day 10: Write Act 2 C First 1/2
Day 11: Write Act 2 C Second 1/2
Day 12: Write Act 2 D First 1/2
Day 13: Write Act 2 D Second 1/2
Day 14: Write Act 3 A First 1/2
Day 15: Write Act 3 A Second 1/2
Day 16: Write Act 3 B First 1/2
Day 17: Write Act 3 B Second 1/2

Copy Editing
Day 18: Edit Act 1 A
Day 19: Edit Act 1 B
Day 20: Edit Act 2 A
Day 21: Edit Act 2 B
Day 22: Edit Act 2 C
Day 23: Edit Act 2 D
Day 24: Edit Act 3 A
Day 25: Edit Act 3 B

Day 26: Typeset Act 1 (A&B) Act 2 (A&B)
Day 27: Typeset Act 2 (C&D) Act 3 (A&B)

I really want to be able to achieve this because I have so many ideas and so little time. I can write about 1000 to 1500 words per hour. And can edit around 2000 to 3000 words an hour (with rewriting). A portion of an act is normally around 10,000 words. And as for typesetting… ug… the worst part of self publishing.

So we are doing this with editing Blue Ash Crisis right now. I am doing the final edits and hoping to build up this schedule and then press out An End To All You Know like this. That way I can get to Forever Kingdom before the end of October. I might be late for summer release but I wont be late for my Winter release. A lot of life things happen ya know… anyways that is my roadmap.

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