Perhaps most important when writing is to find your inspirations while you are outlining. I will discuss this by using Lyorta, Blue Ash Crisis, and An End To All You Know.

Each one has a different feel and theme to them. Lyorta is a heroic fantasy sci fi western (I will explain that last genre later). The imagery I look at is a lot of fantasy artwork and a lot of sci fi artwork. The themes are lighter, the music I listen to is a blend of classical, video game music like Drakengard or Falcom games, and movie scores from productions like Lord Of The Ring, Vikings, and anything Yoko Kanno produced. The films I watched when designing Lyorta were classic animes like Record of Lodoss War and Nasicaa. Actually, Nasicaa is a huge inspiration for me anyway but I will talk about that later.

With Blue Ash Crisis, the themes were spooky and more modern. So naturally I was attracted to soundtracks scores like Blade Runner (Vangelis did a great job on that.) Spawn the movie, New Retrowave, some cyberpunk animes like Genocyber. The artwork I looked at was more modern stuff, traditional 80s 90s style anime also became a huge inspiration. Originally the Sailor Moon series and Card Captors Sakura were very important in its early nativity. These elements laid a foundation that worked well for me when designing everything.

The inspirations for An End To All You Know need to bring out thoughts and feelings of utter horror. I watched some of the most grotesque body horror films I could find and read a lot of ero guro works to gather a semblance of describing the things I will need to describe. This book is not ero guro btw, it’s not anything like that. However, elements of that concept are including. If anyone is wondering what it is, it is best not to search for it because there are two categories. One is the more tame stuff about body horror and nonsensical gore, think Junji Ito, then there is the other branch is a fetishist version of hentai based around wicked evil dismemberment. Ito’s work is genius in the horror genre. I took great inspiration from his works. However not the style of story, the aesthetics.

I also had to watch robo cop a few times and Terminator along with other cybernetic heavy animes. Movies like Re-Animator also inspire me. Hellibor Winters in some ways is an anti Dr. West.

Music brought me into borderlines of things that might not be considered music. My inspirations lay in Anti-Honey, False Wanderer, Motoro Faam, O.lamm, The PS2 Contra Albums, S Core, Yume Nikki’s Soundtracks, and my beloved わたしのココ which is like a post apocalyptic AI. All together the imagery comes together. 因果糸 from わたしのココ lets me watch the horizons of the world the wavering heat over the piles of scorched bone.
There is a few artists in particular that inspire my work but because of the content of their work I won’t be sharing it. I don’t want to lead people into distasteful things which a few of them create alongside their more brilliant styles of work. The ones I will mention though are Gia, Guru, Keith Thompson, and a bunch of other images.

Basically what I am saying is take in a plethora of things to inspire you. Anything that grows the strand of your writing is beneficial. There is a fine line that must be discussed. There is nothing wrong with taking inspiration but don’t copy it outright. There are vast infinitives of ideas waiting to be dreamed. Let’s stay forward and press on to create and craft something original we can call our own. It feels better in the long run.

Here are a few examples of my own artwork which shows my mindset for this next book.

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