I was having an interesting conversation with a friend earlier. He was a little shocked about my lack of advertising. There is good reason why I do not advertise or really care about expansion of my page. It’s because I don’t care. Amazing right, a guy with an online persona who does not care about views or success or whatever it is people seek out.

The only thing I care about is supplying inspiring and good content. This is the trap I lay in the hopes of gaining your audience to aspire toward greater things. There are two types of people who create things. People who create for an audience, and then there are those who create an audience with their work. I happen to create an audience because I enjoy my work. I don’t need to advertise or try to expand if my work is good.

This also grants me the ability to do more work on my writing. It also gives me the freedom to be true to a unique vision. I am not shackled to what my audience enjoys. I can simply create and those who would enjoy it do.

This is not how to be successful. If you want to be a successful writer its important to follow the trends. It also takes a great deal of effort in advertising and social media exposure. Then once you develop your audience you are hostage to it. At least that is my view.

The masses who love you, have proven time and time again, to wake up, yawn, and kill you. Thanks for that imagery Morrissey. I rather keep to myself and be a stranger’s stranger to happen upon. A hidden gem, an occulted secret. As I cast my worship into the eternal threads of history, I hope it pleases my master and his word shines through my work. Christ is King and if my work is a bridge to see the light of God, then so be it. This is the only reason I write. To bring comfort to those who find it. Perhaps my net isn’t wide enough, but it is a net which remains true.

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