Perosnal Journal

I Entirely Intended To Take A Break

But I cannot. I have already become deep work on the outline for An End To All You Know. Not writing is more torturous than to write in the first place. A double edged sword. If I don’t write I can do other things. However, those other things tire and bore me.

So hopefully by June I should be completed with this project. That is the goal; however, a more realistic result is most likely a complete release in July or early August.

I plan on releasing this book in the same fashion as Blue Ash Crisis. A slow trickle and a drowning flood. So whatever comes and when it comes it comes. This book will have its difficulties of description. The design is very alien and if you are not a fan of body horror, this book may not be for you.

Like all of my work it is written around revealing ideas and using mythos to tell a story applicable to the times. I can’t really talk much about it but the teasers should give you fair idea that the content is grotesque and gory without consequence.

What I can tell you are the subjects, the concept for this novels is taking human integration with technology to its maximum and the results of it. It bothers me to think about these things because I honestly believe there is a spark of truth within this. So once again, another Sweet Insanity, for you to read, coming soon enough.

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