I am actually ahead of schedule for this month. I wanted to let you guys know that. I know I have not been posting the chapters recently because I like to give them a listen back with a clear head. However I am working on finishing up chapter 17 and 18 tonight (more likely tomorrow). I had a lot taken out of me the past few days and if I dont listen to my writing back I dont feel comfortable posting it.

There is a lot of things happening right now. Good stuff, lots of good stuff. However, I fell twice while shoveling and as most of you know, I have a very serious heart condition to begin with. The falls have really taken a lot out of me. So I am resting but be assured I have not stopped writing.

There is a few projects being worked on in the background. These projects are collaborations with other people who I have known for a while. It is a live podcast actually. I was asked to assist so I have agreed to help out. I wont say more than that.

Anyway that is what is going on. Hope that is enough for you all to keep confident with my progress. I am hoping to get those posted this weekend. So I should be up to chapter 20 posted before Monday. By the end of next week all of Blue Ash Crisis should be posted (23rd of February). Then I can finish up the outline for An End To All You Know and work hard on my next story for a May release.

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