Ok, seriously for real this time. I have been distracted by a skirt I happen to be obsessed with. However, I wont gush about her right now… though I am sure I could make Marquis De Sade blush with the feelings I have for her. We are not discussing that right now! Stay on topic Jayce.

Today I am finishing up Blue Ash Chapter 14 and I am going to make my best attempt at getting 15 done as well. I want to get the book completely published on here by the end of the month. I been lazy. Criminally lazy as the fields are ripe with prize and yet still I harvest late.

So I am back. I am back and I am back. Can I have another repeat. I sure can. I am back. That is enough words to count on the SEO thing I think. Alright well, writing is great and hope you guys enjoy this. Also comically, I don’t really care about the SEO in truth.

Also ah, woomie, that may give you a hint at what I recently purchased. Another big big distraction!

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