If you have noticed I have not posted in a few days. Roughly about a week. Well, that is because I been distracted with several things. Storms mostly, lots of shoveling and frozen pipes and guilty pleasures like my childish obsession with wasting time playing video games. My flavor of choice for the week was New Gundam Breaker (a lot of fun)

So tomorrow I get back on the writing schedule I have set for myself. I really want to finish Blue Ash Crisis before the end of the month which means heavy and focused days of writing ahead. There is still 14 chapters to be posted and finished and made to my satisfaction. They are written but, if you know me, I can never just post something like a sane person. I need to spend at least four hours with it until I feel comfortable. So 4 x 14… 56 hours of sitting with my writing awaits me. AHHHHHH!!!!!

That is fine though because it is a bleeding hobby eating at me. I really need to and in fact it will stress me if I don’t. It is my contribution to society. A distraction for the masses. And with the news and the way it has been going I think everyone everywhere could use a little distraction irregardless of your views on things. Levity is a good thing.

Remember we can all make it through these trying times but we have to remember we are all people with differing opinions. Love first, argue second.

……. I don’t know why I got all philosophical there. I dunno, just felt like it needed to be said. I love you all, and hope you guys have glorious and bright days ahead of you. You’re in my prayers, God bless all you, even those pastafarians. Catch you guys later over and out.

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