Like it or not, you are in a war.  You are in a war with or against everyone in the world.  There are three choices you have.  First choice is to continue your life as if there is no war and to ignore it.  The second choice is to fight for your own interests and plunder what you can.  The third, and what I consider the most noble option, is to fight and become strong to protect others.

Now what is all this talk of a war, what war are you talking about?  For many of us we don’t see it.  We can sit in our own little lives, enjoying our luxuries never thinking of the chaos that some people are struggling through.  While other less fortunate people are thrust abreast to the whole event.  They live their lives surrounded by chaos, murder, and bloodshed making the war so much more clear.

This war is one that has been going on since the beginning of time and continues to be waged between good and evil.  It is what all religion seeks to remedy.  It is a war that is in our hearts and within ourselves.  It can be easily defined by selfishness or selflessness.  That is good and evil.  To be selfish is to be evil.  To be selfless and to serve others is to be good.  Between those two lines are the grey areas.

Thank you for baring with me through all this.  I know it seems like semantics and fluffy words but I am here to tell you these things mean a great deal more than anything else you can do in the world.  I am not talking about petty things like if you agree with a person or not.  It’s not about politics and it is not about the whole world and you.  It is what is between you and me.  It is about the relationships we hold in our lives and our ability to affect those we are around.

I challenge you to be more observant of those around you.  Even people you may not particularly like.  You must learn to love the people that you revile.  What good is love for others if you only love those who please you?  Our compassion and caring for one another is the only thing that can win this war.

There are people out there that would wield those things against you.  They‘ll tell you it is loving to allow people to plunder you, tell you you’re not kind to want to defend your loved ones because of other bad actors.  Regardless of social status or ability we can all march on and do our part although small.  Open a door for someone, give a smile, console those who appear in need of it, give someone a ride walking in the rain, help someone who dropped something, be vigilant and fill the needs of others you can around you.

It is a difficult thing, there is a great deal of sacrifice in this.  One thing above all others you leave your comfort zone lots of times.  If you are anything like me, having been cursed with social anxiety it can be difficult to do the kind small gestures let along the big ones.  If you have a talent or skill and see someone in need of said talent or skill offer it up.  Help them.  If we all do this, we can manufacture a greater society for everyone.  These are the things on my mind constantly.  Not virtue signaling here either, I am just saying I hope to infect you with this kind of mindset, and ultra vigilance to love courageously.

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