I tend to do this in Decembers for some reason.  I am doing a reboot of all my things.  Its a lot of work but I enjoy it.  Gives me a clean slate and my galleries unclutter leaving only the best and prime of my creations to shine.

So that lead me to thinking a bit about the subject more.  Why bother doing a reboot?  I mean I could just leave up all the clutter and let it become a museum of older aspirations and show my growth as an artist or I could clean it out and make it look pretty.

I see it as something akin to cleaning house.  We do spring cleaning to get all the clutter and junk out of the home.  Sometimes even doing yard sales to collect a little off of our random junk.  Why have junk?  It is junk, sure you can be sentimental about it; however, at the end of the day its junk.

“But Jayce! One man’s trash is another’s treasure.”  Sure, but this trash is in my space and I don’t want my space to become Myspace.  Getya.  If you are of any age we all have dead dusty and dying Myspace accounts somewhere.  It was a time when social media was blossoming.  However, we don’t bother with it anymore.  It is a relic to remain on the digital landscape for ages unknown.  We don’t care about Myspace.

Doing a reboot allows for the voyage to new spaces.  New places to establish as digital internet home.  So why not scout a little during a reboot.  So all in all I think a reboot is good.  Also it motivates me to create new and interesting work I otherwise might not have.

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