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This is a general list of anyone related to Sweet Insanity and ways you can find them online.  They are in no way shape or form responsible for the content on Sweet Insanity or from Jayce Ran.  Likewise Sweet Insanity and Jayce Ran is not responsible for content from any of the sites below.

Affiliates & Partners

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Versailles (My Best Friend)
Versailles and I go way back, to the beginning.  He was the first person I ever made friends with and we are still friends from all those years later.  He runs a pretty funny twitch stream.  You should check him out sometime if you want to be entertained.  You may notice we are completely different personality wise and I love that about him.  He is also the lead singing and guitarist of a really awesome hardcore band called Flooding Panama.  If you are in the New England area you should check out one of his shows sometime.
Versailles’s Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/versaillesxx (Language Warning)
Flooding Panama: https://floodingpanama.bandcamp.com/

SALT Media (Orry Robb)
Run by Orry Robb a friend of mine. One of the best places to find information about Social Justice or rather a counter movement against it. I have been friends with Orry since I was in highschool. Actually, he is my first online friend. Orry has taken his witty arguments into the grounds of becoming a brilliant practitioner against the university elites in Canada. I hope he moves to the US where he would be much more appreciated but Orry is of course a greater credit at the moment to Canada. You should check his page out, you can learn a lot from him.
SALT Media: https://saltspeechadvocates.com/

Contributors And Other Credits

雨心 (Ameshin)
If you are looking for a talented artist who does graphic work look no further than Ameshin. They have done a wonderful job supplying me with those fancy line breaks. If you contact them for supplies or artwork, make sure to tell em I sent you.
Ameshin’s Webpage: http://ameshin.com/

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